The 21st Century Crusade is coming


My fellow readers and Christians alike, The islamification of Europe has become a major problem in the world. We need to combat the Islamists and take back Europe and North Africa. With the help of the United States, Poland, France, Hungary, and the Czech Republic we will take back the holy lands. Terrorist attacks have been common in Europe these past few months and its time to fight back. We also need to take back the holy land of North Africa; Egypt. As its been corrupted by the Arabs for centuries, but luckily there is a minority on our side known as the Coptic Christians, who are the real Egyptians and their ancestors were the Ancient Egyptians. The goal there is to ignite a revolution with the Coptic Christians against the Arabs and establish a Coptic Egypt. And with leaders like Donald Trump and Andrzej Duda these modern-day crusades could be possible but only if we act and send out Christian militias into Europe and North Africa. If these crusades are successful, it would be a huge blow to the globalist establishment as this would be a middle finger to the United Nations and the US, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, and the provisional Coptic Egypt would leave the UN. DEUS VULT!

Syria strikes could cause great divide within conservative community


Just last night, President Donald J. Trump launched Tomahawk missiles in Syria. This Syria strike was praised by neocons like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio, the Mainstream media, and Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. This caused an uncertain reaction amongst the conservative community that voted for Trump including myself as I’m writing this. As, this Syria strike last night wasn’t really a win for us. However, if this Syria strike crisis evolves into war, there’s a chance the conservative community could plunge into civil war, dividing into the neoconservatives and the paleoconservatives, during what could be a unfathomable war against Syria. At this point, some conservatives are leaving Trump for Rand and Ted, and some are still with Trump, this made me wonder, if we should’ve elected Rand Paul or Ted Cruz back in the primaries a year ago, or if Trump is being controlled by the establishment. The question remains, what do we do now?

BREAKING NEWS: North Korea test fires missile and lands in the Sea of Japan


So just recently, North Korea test launched a missile that landed in the Sea of Japan, this evening. After the missile launch, President Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met after the missile was launched near the Sea of Japan. Shinzo Abe said it was “absolutely intolerable” and President Trump said “we are 100% with Japan”. It’s possible that the United States’ friendly relationship with Japan led to North Korea firing the test missile as North Korea has been rivals with both Japan and the United States. Remember, North Korea declared war on the United States just 7 months ago while Barack Obama was still in office. However, liberals on Twitter claim that Donald Trump was on vacation while the missile was fired or he was tweeting about Ivanka while the missile was fired. Even though, Trump was on a visit to japan to meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for the past week and has now just realized that a missile that was fired by North Korea landed into the Sea of Japan. I think it’s very possible that North Korea is trying to threaten a war against the United States, Japan, and Russia.

#BlackLivesMatter enacts second War on Christmas

christmastreelights2Recently, #BlackLivesMatter protests have been popping out in Seattle and Chicago, as George Soros and #BlackLivesMatter organize protests around a Christmas Tree in Seattle and Chicago. As they enact the second War on Christmas by taking off lights on a Christmas Tree and yelling “**** you Christmas!”. George Soros has tried to destroy America but has failed, He tried rigging the election with his voting machines to try and get Hillary Clinton elected but that failed as many voters used paper ballots instead of Soros-owned voting machines. And he now, he tries to destroy Christmas with #BlackLivesMatter.

Trump supporters prepare for potential revolution if Hillary wins


With the 2016 Presidental Election just 6 days away. Many Trump supporters (including me) are fearing a potential election stolen by Hillary Clinton on November 8th; if it is stolen by Hillary, then this militia came prepared as the Second American Revolution would start on November 9th, 2016.

Hillary’s chances of winning presidency fall after #WeinerGate


So, FBI director James Comey decided to re-investigate Hillary’s email scandal again, and what they found was Anthony Weiner in Hillary’s emails showing stuff that completely dooms her campaign and the DNC. After this huge scandal, Hillary’s chances of winning the presidency this year have fallen to the ground. As it looks like that college professor will likely be right about this year’s presidential election.