The 21st Century Crusade is coming


My fellow readers and Christians alike, The islamification of Europe has become a major problem in the world. We need to combat the Islamists and take back Europe and North Africa. With the help of the United States, Poland, France, Hungary, and the Czech Republic we will take back the holy lands. Terrorist attacks have been common in Europe these past few months and its time to fight back. We also need to take back the holy land of North Africa; Egypt. As its been corrupted by the Arabs for centuries, but luckily there is a minority on our side known as the Coptic Christians, who are the real Egyptians and their ancestors were the Ancient Egyptians. The goal there is to ignite a revolution with the Coptic Christians against the Arabs and establish a Coptic Egypt. And with leaders like Donald Trump and Andrzej Duda these modern-day crusades could be possible but only if we act and send out Christian militias into Europe and North Africa. If these crusades are successful, it would be a huge blow to the globalist establishment as this would be a middle finger to the United Nations and the US, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, and the provisional Coptic Egypt would leave the UN. DEUS VULT!

Notch becomes WOKE on #HeterosexualPrideDay


Yesterday, was #HeterosexualPrideDay, and of course many leftists that are part of the LGBTQ+ community used this as an excuse to discriminate against heterosexuals. I had to get in with fights with them on Twitter, yesterday. Eventually, Markus “Notch” Persson stood up to the controversy and said that

People Against a Heterosexual Pride Day Deserve to Be Shot – Markus “Notch” Persson

This proves that Notch is WOKE. As, the former creator of Minecraft is standing up and not giving in to leftist bullshut. It just seems that the left has normalized racism against white people, sexism against males, and now sexualism against heterosexuals.

CNN’s Van Jones admits Russia story is false


So, just recently Project Veritas revealed footage of CNN anchors and executives who were interviewed about the Russia fake news narrative. And CNN acnchor Van Jones admitted that “The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger”. When even CNN, says their own narrative is a nothingburger you know the Left has failed, and they will keep failing until they collapse. This ultimately kills the Left’s Trump-Russia collusion narrative as it is officially dead as of today. And now, one must ponder how much more can the Left fail?

Oops, Alex Jones accidentally panders to MSM with Father’s Day message

Yesterday, InfoWars host Alex Jones posted a short Father’s Day message to Newtown families who suppiosedly had children in the 2012 Sandy Hook hoax. The video contradicts what Alex Jones previously stated about the Sandy hook hoax. According to Jones’ evidence, the FBI reported no deaths in the Month of December 2012, The original Sandy Hook Elementary School building was closed down long before the setup massacre, and the Sandy Hook website did not exist in 2012. Leading to the fact that the Sandy Hook massacre was a false flag intended to defame gun owners and gamers. The parents of the staged slain children were paid in news interviews. And now, Alex Jones has this video where he gives into the false narrative that children were slain at Sandy Hook in 2012. This caused a lot of anger and malignment with Alex Jones’ main conservative fanbase (including myself) as the video currently has 2K dislikes over 1K likes as of this article’s writing. It should be worth noting that this video made the YouTube trending section. What does this mean for Alex Jones? Did he simply just make another mistake and clears it up in a future video? Or is now he like Glenn Beck, formerly a conservative on Fox News who later gave in to the MSM?. We’ll observe and see what happens.

Happy Birthday to Trump and Happy Flag Day 2017 from the American Minarchist


It’s a double holiday, today as it’s both Trump’s 71st birthday and Flag Day in the United States. Today, President Donald J. Trump turns 71 surpassing Ronald Reagan as the oldest sitting president in US history and it’s also another patriotic holiday, Flag Day a holiday to celebrate the United States flag and its history, here’s a chart displaying the history of the US flag for a refresher.


Anyways, Happy Birthday to the President! and Happy Flag Day from myself here at the American Minarchist!

Puerto Rico votes statehood in referendum


Today, Puerto Rico held a referendum to decide whether to decide on statehood, independence, or remain a commonwealth. The results just came and it voted an overwhelming 97% on statehood, which means that it Puerto Rico’s request for statehood will go to Congress, as they will decide whether or not Puerto Rico should become the 51st state of the United States. If Congress, let’s Puerto Rico in, Puerto Rico should be able to vote in the next presidential election in 2020 and the flag would have to be changed to look like this.


Anti-sharia protests clash with leftists counter-protests

Yesterday, Proud Americans everywhere held a protest against the oppressive Sharia Law. This got leftists upset to the point where they counter-protested in support of Islamic oppression, and also caused violence against the marchers. BuzzFeed spun this story as an “Anti-Muslim” march, when in reality it was an Anti-Sharia march. 4 were arrested during the counter-protests. This is another example of the mass intolerance inherited by the Left, that they are willing to shut down anyone who dare has a different opinion than them.