The Iranian protests and the fall of the mainstream right


This past week has been one heck of a week and a strange sequence of events to finish off Trump’s first year of 2017. It all started when Steve Bannon of Breitbart started jumping ship after revoking their support of Republican candidate Paul Nehlen who is running against current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in 2018. It got worse when Paul Nehlen started picking fights with several alt-lite personalities such as Mike Cernovich and John Cardillo. Then it got worse, when protests started popping up in Iran. At first these seem like legitimate protests against the current Islamic theocracy in Iran, but as more details and evidence came out, I myself and several others were able to see this is a neocon plot to setup Iran for another regime change, which means another foreign Middle Eastern war. The worst part about it is, that a good chunk of the mainstream right fell for the false narrative, sites and personalities such as Breitbart, InfoWars, Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, and others have abandoned many of their previous criticisms of neocon foreign policy decisions in the past and that the dissident right consisting of personalities such as Richard Spencer, James Allsup, Nick Fuentes, Red Ice TV, Ann Coulter, and maybe even Partisangirl (or Syriangirl) and others could be what’s left of the America First movement heading into the midterm election year of 2018. If Trump, and the chunk of his base (the mainstream conservatives) want to keep trucking along with the America First agenda in 2018, Trump needs to kick any remaining globalists out of his foreign policy team, the mainstream conservatives need to go back to being critical of neocon foreign policy decisions, and Trump needs to finally build the wall across the Mexican border like he promised back on the campaign trail, if none of that happens, then 2018 will be remembered as the fall of the Trump presidency as illegal immigration would increase, a blue wave would take the majority of Congress in 2018, foreign wars in Iran and Syria would destabilize those places and put Christians and other MENA minorities in danger, and Trump’s presidency would be remembered as a failed one-term presidency after losing in 2020. As for my position on the Iranian protests, I would take a third position and support a return of a conservative Persian monarchy with secularization put in place, and I would support doing this without any military intervention. Oh how, the mighty ones have fallen.


Net Neutrality is repealed


Welp, the FCC has made the decision to revoke the Net Neutrality regulations that were put in place back in 2015 by the Obama administration. And of course, with this repeal the sob storm and mass hysteria disinformation campaign sprung up all over the Internet, with some exceptions. So tell me this, Net Neutrality supporters where are the ISPs throttling the content, censoring the internet, and charging us extra for websites?. Oh yeah, that’s right it’s not happening, because it was misinformed mythology, it’s amazing. This repeal will actually restore the Internet back to its more free state before 2015. This is only the first step in getting the Internet back, what we need to do next is to reverse the ICANN regulation of Internet domains back to the United States, Get our free speech rights back on Twitter (etc), and finally bring back Megaupload, a file sharing site created by Kim Dotcom, that was shutdown back in 2012. Until then, let’s celebrate with this PSA video, from Ajit Pai.

FCC getting ready to revoke 2015 Net Neutrality bill


Just today, the FCC announced that they were on their way to revoke the Net Neutrality bill that was enacted in early 2015 by the Obama administration. Of course, the false narrative that “if Net Neutrality is revoked, ISPs will be able to throttle content” has been spreading again, even though I proved that narrative was false. What’s actually going on here is that Donald Trump’s administration is bringing back to it’s actually free state back in 2014 and earlier, this FCC policy change should hopefully break up the current oligarchy in Silicon Valley, that’s recently been censoring right-wingers, illegally spying on users without a warrant, and trying to monopolize the internet by lobbying domain registrars to censor sites they don’t like. I do have a solution, to fix this social media oligarchy; usually the mainstream conservative/libertarian argument would be “social media companies have the right to refuse service to its users like any other business” and in theory that is true, but these are companies on the Internet that are trying to deprive people of their constitutional first amendment rights, which is why many on the far-right are suggesting a nationalization of social media on the Internet, in order to protect the free speech rights of the people. Right-wing commentator James Allsup does a great job of explaining this


Also, during the recent Twitter purge where many right-wing accounts were deverified and Baked Alaska was even suspended from the site, Richard Spencer also suggested the same thing.

Spencer tweet 11.16

If the Silicon Valley oligarchy gets their way, interesting and cool opinions that derive from the mainstream left-wing narrative may no longer exist. We must fight not to protect Net Neutrality, but to protect the rights of the people from corporate oligarchies.

The American Minarchist Weekly Update – November 11, 2017


It’s time for another round of weekly updates from the American Minarchist! Here are some stories from the past week, that may or may not have been overheard.

Radical atheist shoots up 26 people in Sutherland Springs church


On the morning of Sunday, November 5th, 2017. A radical atheist militant named David Patrick Kelley shot 26 churchgoers at Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Shortly after the attack, leftists politicized the shooting and signalled for more gun control. Even though one of the locals had a gun and was able to shoot the perpetrator. This church shooting alone, became the deadliest church shooting in American history and the the 5th deadliest mass shooting in US history behind Virginia Tech 2007, Orlando 2016, and Las Vegas 2017. This mass shooting shows that Christians not only being slaughtered in their ancestral homelands, but in supposedly safer nations such as the United States as well.

False sexual assault accusations spread against Roy Moore


Just a couple of days ago, the Washington Post started spreading rumors against Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore, as the Washington Post claimed that Roy Moore “sexually abused a 14-year old in his 40s”. This came with some skepticism, as time went on this seemed more like a left-wing smear campaign against Roy Moore, 4 weeks before the 2017 Alabama election in December of 2017. Roy Moore has went on multiple occasions denying these allegations. Hopefully, these false allegations won’t have any impact during the upcoming 2017 Alabama senatorial election.


The Truth about the Richard Spencer event in Gainesville, FL


Today, prominent alt-right figure Richard Spencer was able to successfully give his speech at the University of Florida. Of course, this met with protests from the Left who have been big opponents of Richard Spencer for a long time. His speech focused on exposing many of these Florida university liberals, some facts about the alt-right. Noticeably, the protestors at the event, were throwing up the communist fist against the idea of free speech. Near the end of the event, one guy gave a speech in further support of free speech, condemning the smear campaign on Richard Spencer and the alt-right which was being done by the left and some alt-lite members. Now, time for some truth; Richard Spencer is actually a white identarian fighting for his race against the globalist-mandated white genocide happening in historically white-majority countries.  He is also known to be against the rise of ANTIFA and Cultural Marxism being implanted into today’s society. Personally, I agree with some of his views, but disagree on some of his other views such as national socialism. I’m leaning more towards the idea of national capitalism and national patriotism, the idea of ethno-nationalism (these black, hispanic, and other races can stay, but don’t try to eliminate us in race demographics) and cultural traditionalism. Anyway, that is all I have to say, I gave him a platform, and then I gave my 2 cents on it. Let these alt-right figures keep on fighting for their free speech against this wave of Cultural Marxism.

The American Minarchist weekly update – October 18, 2017


I’m back after a week of inactivity on the American Minarchist and you know I decided I was going to do an article on something, but there were so many topics and things happening in the past week that I decided I would do a weekly update article consisting of multiple articles/editorials

The Truth about Mike Cernovich


Earlier on the midnight of today. Me, James Allsup, Nick Fuentes, and Richard Spencer were looking into #CernovichGate revealing some interesting connections about alt-lite commentator Mike Cernovich. It was revealed in several tweets by Allsup, Fuentes, and Spencer that Mike Cernovich may actually be a globalist shill according to convincing pieces of evidence. As you may know, I already tackled Paul Joseph Watson and how was we wrong about the alt-right during the 2nd Charlottesville torch rally. Here are the Tweets showing the evidence




From this evidence dug up from multiple Twitter users, there is a chance that Mike Cernovich could be a globalist shill, as he has shown to been supporting the homosexual agenda, when a Christian baker refused to make a gay wedding cake in 2015. Praised Obama and criticized Anti-Obama conservatives before he was inaugurated in 2009, Linked to alcoholism of some degree, Milo Yiannopolous also stating he attended a party in Hollywood with underage boys. Also, Jeff Giesea a Soros-like bankroller for the alt-lite has been known to fund many of Cernovich’s events.

The Truth about the Instagram Girls’ supposedly racially insensitive slur


On October 16th, 2017 a Twitter user by the name of WarriorTy7 tweeted a video of some Instagram girls supposedly chanting a racially sensitive slur against blacks. This of course made leftists go off the deep end, until it was later revealed that the video posted by WarriorTy7 was actually falsified as the video was played in reverse to make it sound like a racial slur, when it reality the video was just some girls on Instagram shouting “serggin cuff”. Look it can even be seen in the screenshot, shown above!. This kinds of hoaxes open the door to more smearing against whites to push the establishment media’s narrative.

The American Minarchist now has a separate subreddit, r/theamericanminarchist!


Just today, I myself here have opened a subreddit for the American Minarchist blog posts and Reddit discussions centered around new posts. I’ve decided to stop sharing most of my American Minarchist posts to r/the_Donald and r/conservative because of potential claims of self-promotion. So, if you are an American Minarchist reader that is also on Reddit, I encourage you to go checkout r/theamericanminarchist!


The Truth about #Sportsgate and a call for depoliticizing sports

Recently, on Friday night at a Trump rally in Alabama, President Trump called out the NFL players who were protesting the National Anthem, it all started with the Kaepernick controversy in 2016 and eventually the National Anthem protests started to sprawl up during the beginning of the 2017-18 NFL season. Trump told that whichever player protests the National Anthem should have a right to be fired from their job as they can’t have free speech at a workplace, I do support some of these players right to free speech but not in the NFL stadium before the game. Then comes the following Saturday, where the controversy spread to Twitter with the hashtag #TakeAKnee launched by leftists in support of NFL players taking a knee to protest the National Anthem. This controversy eventually got to the NBA, with stars like Stephen Curry refusing to visit the White House after winning the 2017 NBA Finals and LeBron James calling Trump a “bum”. Of course, this only made the controversy even worse and made the NBA’s conservative fanbase upset, and then last night it spread to the MLB when an Athletics rookie named Bruce Maxwell became the first MLB player to not stand for the National Anthem. It seems that the cancer that is Anti-Americanism has sadly spread to the sports world, the only leagues that haven’t been involved in the controversy are the NHL and MLS. But, then again America doesn’t really care too much for hockey or soccer as they are more international sports. We as a country, and as sports fans need to pressure the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS to unite under the same American flag and to promote patriotic pre-game practices, with the purpose of honoring America and representing the greatest country in the world. This similiar thing happened back in the 2001-02 NFL season shortly after the 9/11 attacks, when former commissioner Paul Taligbue called for universal patriotic pre-game practices before NFL games during the 2001-02 regular season, it got so patriotic that the Super Bowl’s logo was changed to a more patriotic feel and a team called the New England Patriots started a 5-title dynasty from that day forth. So, I’m all asking for is stop with this anti-American bullshut, we must unite as a country and we can do that through sports whether it be in American sports or International sports.