The Truth about Net Neutrality


Today, was the official day of Action that was launched by Battle for the Net, so that 100,000 popular websites can protest the FCC’s potential revoking of Net Neutrality that was made in effect back in 2015. According to the narrative many of these companies keep pushing, is that if Net Neutrality is revoked, ISPs will have control over the internet and be able to slow down speeds of popular websites. Here’s the thing about that statement, it’s wrong and here’s why. What, this Net Neutrality vote is actually about is that if Net Neutrality passes, George Soros and the mega tech corporations he’s colluded with (i.e., Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter) would now have the power to shut down their competition and censor sites with viewpoints opposed to their neoliberal agenda as they would establish an online corporate superstate inside the Internet as a plot to try and dismantle the First Amendment. Because, isn’t it odd that many of the big internet corporations are supporting Net Neutrality? Well, it’s because they only want it to pass so they can continue to monopolize the Internet. And, it’s just amazing how many influential Internet people have fallen into the Left’s narrative trap once again. In the next couple of months, we should able to see what the FCC voted on.

Notch becomes WOKE on #HeterosexualPrideDay


Yesterday, was #HeterosexualPrideDay, and of course many leftists that are part of the LGBTQ+ community used this as an excuse to discriminate against heterosexuals. I had to get in with fights with them on Twitter, yesterday. Eventually, Markus “Notch” Persson stood up to the controversy and said that

People Against a Heterosexual Pride Day Deserve to Be Shot – Markus “Notch” Persson

This proves that Notch is WOKE. As, the former creator of Minecraft is standing up and not giving in to leftist bullshut. It just seems that the left has normalized racism against white people, sexism against males, and now sexualism against heterosexuals.

YouTube flops again with #ProudToBe in 2017

YouTube made another LGBT propoganda video titled #ProudToBe like last year’s video, to (in their eyes) encourage awareness of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. Of course, it get bombarded with possibly the most woke comment section in YouTube history. As of this article’s writing the video has 182.2K dislikes over 115.3K likes on the site. This woke comment section and large dislike ratio, shows YouTube that they need to stop shoving their bullshut LGBT propaganda in our faces, especially in the faces of straight white men.

YouTube launches #MoreThanARefugee to further their pro-Islam agenda

Today, YouTube launched another piece of propaganda with Islamic refugees. Falling into the same “refugees welcome” fallacy that’s been promoted by the Left since 2014. Of course the video got 92.9K dislikes over 41.4K lives as of this article’s writing. Wait, YouTube does not realize is that letting refugees in to Western countries contributes to the Islamification of Europe and population-driven white genocide. Islamic terrorist attacks happen every now and then because of this fallacy, we need to stop it and save any countries that are suffering from an Islamification crisis.

Lefties celebrate as Jefferson Davis monument was removed in New Orleans


Last night, a construction group decided to remove the statue of former Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis in New Orleans, Louisiana. The left celebrated last night as they spun as it end to “white nationalism”. Even though, the United States won over the Confederate States of America and the CSA supported racism. It’s important to keep the history of the losers as well as the winners in history. As Winston Churchill once said

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it

Implying that if one of Winston Churchill’s quotes is true again, we may see an uprising from the establishment left in some form of Civil War. Winston Churchill already accurately predicted the rise of Antifa, and he could be right on this one. Of course there were also protests near the statue’s site from southern nationalists that wanted to keep their heritage as they waved Confederate flags during the protest. Even if, the left tries to remove one’s history they could still soon repeat it.

Obamacare is repealed, the Left goes nuts


We did it!, Obamacare (also known as the Affordable Health Care Act) has been repealed thanks to a narrow GOP senate victory, which means that Obamacare is gone, and the GOP would find a replacement soon. This of course caused a massive temper tantrum from the Left, as mass hysteria went rampant through Twitter, the moment it passed as they think they won’t be able to get free health care anymore and believe that healthcare is a right, even though the right to healthcare isn’t listed anywhere in the Constitution. On Monday, Jimmy Kimmel’s newborn child survived through surgery as reported on his show through his opening monologue but eventually went on to bash Trump and the GOP about healthcare, and how the GOP “will take everybody’s right to healthcare”, You see, that’s also mass hysteria being pushed by the left. Anyways, It was a victory for us and a L for them.

San Bernardino school shooting pushes gun control agenda


Just today two were dead and two were wounded at Hillside Elementary School in San Bernardino, California. The immediate reaction, was typical from any school shooting until the left decided to use the gun control card and use this school shooting to promote their baseless gun control agenda. As, leftists started blaming the NRA and rightful gun owners for the attack, when in reality it’s California’s strict gun laws that are to blame and the school shooter himself. The reason why shootings like this keep happening in places like California, llinois, and other blue states is because of their strict gun laws.