The Iranian protests and the fall of the mainstream right


This past week has been one heck of a week and a strange sequence of events to finish off Trump’s first year of 2017. It all started when Steve Bannon of Breitbart started jumping ship after revoking their support of Republican candidate Paul Nehlen who is running against current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in 2018. It got worse when Paul Nehlen started picking fights with several alt-lite personalities such as Mike Cernovich and John Cardillo. Then it got worse, when protests started popping up in Iran. At first these seem like legitimate protests against the current Islamic theocracy in Iran, but as more details and evidence came out, I myself and several others were able to see this is a neocon plot to setup Iran for another regime change, which means another foreign Middle Eastern war. The worst part about it is, that a good chunk of the mainstream right fell for the false narrative, sites and personalities such as Breitbart, InfoWars, Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, and others have abandoned many of their previous criticisms of neocon foreign policy decisions in the past and that the dissident right consisting of personalities such as Richard Spencer, James Allsup, Nick Fuentes, Red Ice TV, Ann Coulter, and maybe even Partisangirl (or Syriangirl) and others could be what’s left of the America First movement heading into the midterm election year of 2018. If Trump, and the chunk of his base (the mainstream conservatives) want to keep trucking along with the America First agenda in 2018, Trump needs to kick any remaining globalists out of his foreign policy team, the mainstream conservatives need to go back to being critical of neocon foreign policy decisions, and Trump needs to finally build the wall across the Mexican border like he promised back on the campaign trail, if none of that happens, then 2018 will be remembered as the fall of the Trump presidency as illegal immigration would increase, a blue wave would take the majority of Congress in 2018, foreign wars in Iran and Syria would destabilize those places and put Christians and other MENA minorities in danger, and Trump’s presidency would be remembered as a failed one-term presidency after losing in 2020. As for my position on the Iranian protests, I would take a third position and support a return of a conservative Persian monarchy with secularization put in place, and I would support doing this without any military intervention. Oh how, the mighty ones have fallen.


How Trump’s embassy move to Jerusalem refueled the Israeli-Palestinian conflict


On December 6th, 2017 President Trump made the decision to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This decision caused discourse online and possibly refueled the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Throughout December 6th and December 7th, 2017; Protests across Palestine and Turkey sprung up. Things got heated in the city of Bethlehem; Jesus’ birthplace, where not just Palestinian Muslims protested, but also a group of Palestinian Christians (pictured above) protested Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Bethlehem also decided to suspend the Christmas celebration that started in Bethlehem on December 2nd with the lighting of the Christmas tree. More protests in Bethlehem followed as well, and Hamas was getting ready for another war with Israel. Reactions to Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel were mixed, with the Left going against the decision and supporting Palestine, the mainstream right supported Trump’s decision and continued to stand with Israel, the far-right criticized Trump’s decision as it was putting “Israel First”, Instead of “America First” like Trump promised. Things started to heat up heading into the 7th and 8th of December, with Hamas firing rockets and Israel, and then Israel responding back by firing missiles in the Gaza Strip and these missile attacks recorded the first number of casualties during this reawakened Israeli-Palestinian scuffle. My take on this, is that President Trump made a decision that he may have not known would reawaken the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and cause protesting and violence in Bethlehem and the Gaza Strip, Partisangirl (or Syriangirl) responded with images and footage of Palestinian Christians burning pictures of Trump and retweeting news articles of Israelis committing terrorist attacks against Israeli and Palestinian Christians. I feel that we need to start waking up to what’s actually going on here, because I believe that Christians are actually God’s people and we need to start establishing self-determination for ourselves, especially for those Christians in the Middle East, such as the Palestinian Christians, Assyrians, and Coptic Egyptians. With this, I will say that Palestine’s reaction to Trump’s decision might have also been bad optics, but most of the violence has been caused by the Islamic majority in Palestine, and not Christians (specifically). But even that, could lead into the United States getting involved in yet another Middle Eastern war, which only has been for money, oil, destabilization, and unintentionally forcing MENA Christians into exodus from their homelands. This same scenario happened when the United States invaded Iraq and accidentally forced Assyrians into exodus, thus endangering the ethnic group and destabilizing Iraq for years to come. Now, I know it sounds like I’m mad at Trump, I’m not, I’m just critical of this decision that Trump’s foreign policy team has made, I believe that Trump still has not been able to drain the swamp that’s in his foreign policy team. Hopefully, Trump and Vice President Pence can peacefully resolve things in the Middle East and avoid another unnecessary war that will only endanger Christians in the Middle East.

Bombshell: Las Vegas shooter’s wife traveled to the Middle East.


So just tonight, we’ve found some evidence confirmed by the FBI that Stephen Paddock’s wife had connections to ISIS, as the FBI found documents relating to ISIS in her hotel room in Las Vegas. Making the connection of the shooting to ISIS potentially the shooter’s true motivations. We’ve also heard that ISIS did military training with some ANTIFA members as they are preparing for a mass riot on November 4th. ISIS had previously claimed some responsibility for the attack yesterday, and in our conspiracy corner we did potentially list ISIS as having another connection to the Las Vegas shooting if not the CIA earlier. But now, we’ve gotten a little bit more facts and evidence, it is possible that the shooter and/or the shooter’s wife colluded with ISIS and Kurdistan (who recently just had an independence referendum in Iraq, the proposed independent lands include part of the Assyrian homeland) and it’s also been document that Stephen Paddock converted to Islam back when he was 30.

Conservative Internationalism and Westernization explained

Imperial America Wallpaper.png

Recently, I’ve been looking into a new ideology that combines some aspects of nationalism and globalism. Now, I still stand on most nationalist stances that the United Nations and European Union are scumbag elitist world cancers that need to go to away as they have failed on the promise of human rights and globalization and the globalists new multicultural agenda is failing as well. So, I’ve proposed an alternative we could combine most aspects of nationalism with some aspects of globalism, like for example national sovereignty, my philosophy is that the world simply can’t unite under one world government, that’s ridiculous, it’s not how humans work. As, history has shown us is that humans on the planet Earth have always been out to get each other, even with the attempts of unifying the planet like the UN and the EU, it has failed simply because humans don’t want a one-world government, each country has their own political ideology, religion, culture, and history that divides them. With the problems that the globalist agenda has caused, I do believe foreign interventionism may be necessary to protect western culture and Christendom in Europe and the holy lands, what are the holy lands? Biblical places spread across the Middle East, these include

  • Egypt
  • Nineveh
  • Babylon
  • Bethlehem
  • Nazareth

This means we should also reform our interventionist foreign policy, instead of having unnecessary regime change which only leads to radical wahhabist Islam spreading, I suggest we instead go for supporting Christian rebels in the fight against ISIS and also restore the holy lands by demanding autonomous independence from Arab Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, and Israel. We could also help these new countries’ economy by importing American businesses and spreading capitalism. Meanwhile, in Europe a migrant crisis is greatly destroying the culture and the native people of Europe, luckily we have friends in Europe that go by the names of Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. With the help of the US and those 3 other countries, I just mentioned we should also be able to destabilize the European Union, deport the migrant population back to where they came from and help rebuild and repopulate Europe as well as giving them economic aid. As you can see what this ideology is all about is spreading and restoring the ideas of western civilization and protecting Christendom throughout the Western world.

How 9/11 shaped the 2000s and Gen Z

As you may know, tomorrow is the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, it affected America politically and culturally. Today we’ll look at the effect of 9/11 on media and politics, and how it shaped the culture of the 2000s and the new generation of kids growing up in it, Generation Z.

The Effect on Politics


The 9/11 attacks severly impacted the presidency of George W. Bush which was going on at the time, this resulted in the failed presidency of George W. Bush and Barack Obama soon to come in 2009. As Bush, got into messy Middle Eastern foreign policy by getting involved in wars in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan as a way to combat terrorism. The Patriot Act and NSA were introduced in a way to unconstitutionally monitor U.S. citizens through communication devices. Because Bush’s policies were so bad, it was pretty commonplace for people to mock George W. Bush on the Internet.

The Effect on Music

9/11 impacted music as well, because during the early 2000s, the music world went through its last great renaissance featuring a mix of grunge, rock, and punk to take over in the first half of the decade. We saw artists like Green Day and NYSNC rise up, however this renaissance was short lived as the later half of the decade saw the rise of the postmodernist pop music we have today following Michael Jackson’s death in 2009.

The Effect on Animation

Because of the overall new darker tones in media following 9/11, the kind of cartoons that were starting to air changed as well. Back in the 80s and 90s the United States themselves dominated in their animation market. But in the 2000s, that radically changed as many American-made action cartoons and imported Japanese anime started taking over the market. With channels/channel blocks like Toonami, the CW 4Kids, and to an extent the young Internet where people could pirate anime if they so please. There was also an increase in thick-line animation with many of the new western cartoons at the time.

The Effect on Video Games


9/11 had an impact on the video game market as well, so much so that America decided to get back into the video game market with the XBOX and their flagship FPS series Halo, this started a rise in FPS games to fit in with the new darker tone and the IRL wars in the Middle East, examples include Call of Duty and Battlefield. It also impacted the historically cartoonish video game characters like Mario, Zelda, and Sonic which were very colorful in the 80s and 90s but once the 2000s came, we getting started getting darker tones and styles with games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Sonic Unleashed.

The Effect on the Internet


Back in the 90s, the Internet was originally just a brand new experiment created by the United States and didn’t offer much, but once 9/11 happened and the darker tone of the new 2000s decade rolled in. The Internet started to change and create its own culture with the birth of sites like 4chan and Reddit and the creation of Internet memes. Forum sites were popping up, YouTube was just coming into existence, and piracy ran wild and free with torrent sites, Megaupload, and The Pirate Bay. This also grew the grassroots for online political opposition to the aforementioned Patriot Act and NSA

The Effect on Sports


9/11 impacted the world of sports as well. Most notably the NFL during the 2001-02 NFL season where fans and players everywhere across the United States would be waving American flags before the start of each regular season game. The NFL got more patriotic to the point where the logo for Super Bowl XXXVI was the continental US with the US flag and in that game, a team called the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl as symbolism for the United States making it through the horrors of 9/11.


In Conclusion, 9/11 was such a tragic event that became so impactful it shaped the culture of an entire decade as well as the new generation kids growing up with it; Generation Z with birthdates ranging from 1995 to 2004, at least parts of Generation Z remember the 9/11 attacks and were affected by the failed presidencies of Bush and Obama and all the other darker media surrounding them as they were preparing to take America back, Generation Z eventually evolved itself to be part of the movement that helped Donald J. Trump to be elected president in 2016 and finally crush the establishment and radical Islamic terrorism.

The Truth about Trump ending the DACA


Last night, Trump came very close to ending the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and currently he is still in the process of ending the DACA. This of course, set off the left by thinking that these children whose parents illegally came here are Americans, when according to their legal status they are foreigners who didn’t go through the naturalization process in the United States. Seriously, these people are getting upset over President Trump enforcing the law and the law states that anybody the comes here to the United States without going through the naturalization process is an illegal immigrant, and illegal immigrants can leech off welfare and commit crimes but not be charged for them here in the US, as they are not US citizens. Hopefully, Trump manages to get the DACA done and over with and he can send these illegals back to wherever they came from.

The 21st Century Crusade is coming


My fellow readers and Christians alike, The islamification of Europe has become a major problem in the world. We need to combat the Islamists and take back Europe and North Africa. With the help of the United States, Poland, France, Hungary, and the Czech Republic we will take back the holy lands. Terrorist attacks have been common in Europe these past few months and its time to fight back. We also need to take back the holy land of North Africa; Egypt. As its been corrupted by the Arabs for centuries, but luckily there is a minority on our side known as the Coptic Christians, who are the real Egyptians and their ancestors were the Ancient Egyptians. The goal there is to ignite a revolution with the Coptic Christians against the Arabs and establish a Coptic Egypt. And with leaders like Donald Trump and Andrzej Duda these modern-day crusades could be possible but only if we act and send out Christian militias into Europe and North Africa. If these crusades are successful, it would be a huge blow to the globalist establishment as this would be a middle finger to the United Nations and the US, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, and the provisional Coptic Egypt would leave the UN. DEUS VULT!