The Truth about the Richard Spencer event in Gainesville, FL


Today, prominent alt-right figure Richard Spencer was able to successfully give his speech at the University of Florida. Of course, this met with protests from the Left who have been big opponents of Richard Spencer for a long time. His speech focused on exposing many of these Florida university liberals, some facts about the alt-right. Noticeably, the protestors at the event, were throwing up the communist fist against the idea of free speech. Near the end of the event, one guy gave a speech in further support of free speech, condemning the smear campaign on Richard Spencer and the alt-right which was being done by the left and some alt-lite members. Now, time for some truth; Richard Spencer is actually a white identarian fighting for his race against the globalist-mandated white genocide happening in historically white-majority countries.  He is also known to be against the rise of ANTIFA and Cultural Marxism being implanted into today’s society. Personally, I agree with some of his views, but disagree on some of his other views such as national socialism. I’m leaning more towards the idea of national capitalism and national patriotism, the idea of ethno-nationalism (these black, hispanic, and other races can stay, but don’t try to eliminate us in race demographics) and cultural traditionalism. Anyway, that is all I have to say, I gave him a platform, and then I gave my 2 cents on it. Let these alt-right figures keep on fighting for their free speech against this wave of Cultural Marxism.


The Truth about the removal of Confederate statues


Recently, the Left has been obsessed with tearing down statues that commemorate important figures of the fallen Confederate States of America. They believe it reminds them of a time of slavery and racism in America, when that is not truly the case. By doing this, the Left has stooped down to ISIS’ level as they remove statues they don’t like in the Middle East as well. Now here is some truths about the Civil War, first of all this wasn’t even the real Confederate flag

Popularized Confederate Flag

Here is a gallery of all the real Confederate flags

Stars and Bars
Stainless Banner
Blood-Stained Banner

Notice, how none of these resemble popularized not-actually historically correct version of the Confederate flag. Another myth about the Confederacy is that they wanted to keep their slaves, that is not the case in fact; Robert E. Lee, General of the Confederate Army wanted slavery to end and maybe if the Confederates won the Civil War, slavery would’ve ended anyway and another myth about the Civil War, is that is what fought over slavery, that is also not true. The Civil War was actually fought as a battle between federal rights (Union) and states’ rights (Confederacy). In that Civil War, we knew that the federal rights side won and the states’ rights supporters lost. So the big question is, if the Confederacy lost the Civil War why do people still fly the Confederate flag and why are Confederate statues erected across America? Simply, it’s because the history of the Confederate States of America is still part of the History of the United States, hence the country’s name being the Confederate States of America, which the country still being in America. Heck, a lot of the Confederate state flags were reminiscent of the American flag signifying that they still respected the American culture of the Union back in the day.

Flag of Florida (1861)
Flag of Louisiana (1861)







Regardless, of what the Confederacy actually stood for we should still fight and protect to keep that history intact, as George Santayana once said.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana

Sidenote: That quote was originally said during the American Civil War in 1863.

President Trump gives commencement speech at Liberty University


Earlier today, President Donald J. Trump gave his first commencement speech at Liberty University on Senior Saturday, a time where the university Class of 2017 graduate after 4-5 year degrees. He said these things during his first commencement speech at Liberty U today.

“I’m thrilled to be back at Liberty University”

“There is no place in the world I’d rather to be give my first commencement address as president”

“Students graduating and me being president seem like that “would really require major help from God.”

“You’re about to begin the greatest adventure of your life.”

“I know each of you will be a warrior of truth, for our country, and for your family.”

Now here is a picture of the crowd size, where some students swapped out their mortarboards for Make America Great Again hats.


I also like this quote from President Trump

“In America, we don’t worship government, we worship God,”

That quote pretty much embodies the paleoconservative and Christian dogma we rally around on the American Minarchist blog.

The students at Liberty University enjoyed Trump’s commencement speech and were also rewarding President Trump with gratitude.

San Bernardino school shooting pushes gun control agenda


Just today two were dead and two were wounded at Hillside Elementary School in San Bernardino, California. The immediate reaction, was typical from any school shooting until the left decided to use the gun control card and use this school shooting to promote their baseless gun control agenda. As, leftists started blaming the NRA and rightful gun owners for the attack, when in reality it’s California’s strict gun laws that are to blame and the school shooter himself. The reason why shootings like this keep happening in places like California, llinois, and other blue states is because of their strict gun laws.

Riots erupt at UC Berkeley as Milo event is cancelled


Just last night, a bunch of leftists from UC Berkeley rioted at a scheduled Milo Yiannopolous event which was eventually cancelled because of the riots. Antifa set up fires and destroyed property at UC Berkeley and private property near UC Berkeley. As, Winston Churchill once quoted

The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists – Winston Churchill

There you go, Winston Churchill somehow predicted the terrorist organization known as Antifa, nearly 70 years later. Antifa claim to be anti-fascists but commit acts of violent domestic terrorism when someone has a different viewpoint, like fascists. These protests and riots are only destroying the Democratic Party, up to the point where they may never win an election ever again.

Proposed bill in Arizona aims to ban the teaching of SJW garbage in universities


So, recently Republican Representative Bob Thorpe from Arizona proposed a bill HB2102 that will aim to eliminate university courses that consist of “white privilege” and “social justice” and “race theory”. This would be great if this is passed in Arizona, that means would mean the end for the regressive left start with this bill HB2102 and right now on Twitter, special snowflakes are whining about this and trying to stop this bill from passing. And also if it does pass in Arizona, maybe can get this sort of bill passed in California to fix it a little bit. The Republicans in Congress so far are we doing whatever it takes (even before Trump’s inauguration) to Make America Great Again!



Grade-school students protest Trump in Boston


So, yesterday a bunch of middle schoolers, high schoolers, and some college students walked out it and protested in Boston, Massachusetts. As these students chant out “This is what democracy looks like!” and hold signs such as “People over Profits”, “Love Trumps Hate” and “Earth is our First Teacher”. I’m sorry students but that is what idiocracy looks like, first of all the United States is actually a constitutional representative republic not a democracy, and some of you being middle schoolers and high schoolers that couldn’t even vote on Election Day are protesting against a president that was elected in an election they couldn’t vote for, So why are you protesting in the first place?. Oh, yeah that’s right probably paid you to go out and protest in the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. Get over it, you lost and accept that Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States.