The American Minarchist Weekly Update – November 11, 2017


It’s time for another round of weekly updates from the American Minarchist! Here are some stories from the past week, that may or may not have been overheard.

Radical atheist shoots up 26 people in Sutherland Springs church


On the morning of Sunday, November 5th, 2017. A radical atheist militant named David Patrick Kelley shot 26 churchgoers at Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Shortly after the attack, leftists politicized the shooting and signalled for more gun control. Even though one of the locals had a gun and was able to shoot the perpetrator. This church shooting alone, became the deadliest church shooting in American history and the the 5th deadliest mass shooting in US history behind Virginia Tech 2007, Orlando 2016, and Las Vegas 2017. This mass shooting shows that Christians not only being slaughtered in their ancestral homelands, but in supposedly safer nations such as the United States as well.

False sexual assault accusations spread against Roy Moore


Just a couple of days ago, the Washington Post started spreading rumors against Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore, as the Washington Post claimed that Roy Moore “sexually abused a 14-year old in his 40s”. This came with some skepticism, as time went on this seemed more like a left-wing smear campaign against Roy Moore, 4 weeks before the 2017 Alabama election in December of 2017. Roy Moore has went on multiple occasions denying these allegations. Hopefully, these false allegations won’t have any impact during the upcoming 2017 Alabama senatorial election.



The American Minarchist Weekly Update – November 3, 2017


It’s been a while and I have a lot of stories to cover from today and this past week. So, here we go with the American Minarchist Weekly Update for November 3rd, 2017!

Bowe Bergdahl deserts 6 Americans dead while searching for him in Afghanistan and will be given no time in prison


So just today, it was revealed that US Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl would not serve any time in prison after deserting 6 American soldiers who were looking for him in Afghanistan, and then letting them die out there. This is a treacherous case of treason against the United States and the United States Army. As he let 6 Americans die in Afghanistan while they could’nt find him, and now he’s not being charged and put into the prison for desertion? Baloney! This is just as bad as the time former Secretary of State let 5 American soldiers die in Benghazi back in 2012.

Houston Astros win 1st ever World Series title


On the night of November 1st, 2017. The Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in 7 games, with them winning Game 7 5-1 in Los Angeles. Securing the Houston Astros’ first ever World Series title and fulfilling the prophecy foretold by Sports Illustrated back in 2014. Notable veterans such as Brian McCann, Justin Verlander, and Carlos Beltran got their first ring thanks to this World Series victory in Houston. Houston really needed this World Series victory after what happened to the city of Houston with Hurricane Harvey in August of this year. And now, Houston gets to celebrate with their World series trophy in the Bayou.

Islamic terrorist hijacks Home Depot truck and kills at least 8 in New York


On an afternoon during Halloween 2017. An Islamic terrorist hijacked a Home Depot truck and ran over a school bus and other pedestrians and killed at least 8 people in New York City, while shouting “Allah Akbar” during the attack. This attack become the second most deadliest terrorist attack in New York City behind 9/11. Coincidentally, enough this terrorist attack was conducted nearby the World Trade Center memorial site, where the Twin Towers originally stood. The terrorist was identified as Sayfullo Saipov from Uzbekistan where he was brought into the United States via a diversity visa (which has now ended thanks to Trump) in 2010.  These attacks seem very similiar to the truck attacks going on in Europe, and many left-wing figures and organizations suggest that we need to “stop Islamophobia” and “carry on exactly as before” to try and stop any ideas of stopping Islamic terrorism in the United States.

President Trump’s Twitter account suspended for 15 minutes on Thursday


Just yesterday evening, a Twitter Government employee temporarily suspended President Trump’s Twitter account @realDonaldTrump for 15 minutes. The employee was on his last day when this happened according to Twitter. During the temporary 15-minute suspension, many liberals celebrated it, thinking it was going to last any longer than 15 minutes. Which proves, that lefties aren’t even hiding it anymore, they celebrate when a person that has opinions they don’t like get censored online. The globalist establishment has been trying to censor people in the right-wing political sphere for decades now, and they have succeeded in some parts. This is a wake up call, to any right-wingers on Twitter who are at risk of having their accounts suspended or temporarily banned from the site.


How the Lane Davis psycho story will be used as an anti-right smear campaign


Just recently, the left-wing pundits at the Daily Beast, published an article on a story about how a mentally ill, Trump supporter killed his father after being called a “racist” and a “Nazi”. This tragedy was originally reported by some news sources back in July, but is now just being brought up by the mainstream media as of today. As a member of the right-wing political sphere, I strongly disavow the mentally people that could be in our sphere of politics. Now, whether or not the media’s original narrative ends up being the real story or not will not stop the mainstream media and leftist organizations from running a smear campaign against all members of the right-wing political sphere which includes centre-right, alt-lite, and the alt-right. They will undoubtedly use this as ideological warfare against our sphere of politics to masquerade all right-wingers as “Nazis” and “white supremacists” like they have been for decades. So, to everyone in the right-wing political sphere, regardless if you agree with my opinions or not, We need to stay tough and strong in this upcoming anti-right smear campaign and remain peaceful when espousing our political views.

The Truth about the Las Vegas shooting and how the CIA may be behind it


Just last night, a man by name of Stephen Paddock supposedly shot and killed 58 and while injuring 500 others from the Mandalay Bay casino hotel near a country concert that hosted Caleb Keeter who was performing live, as gunshots were heard during the concert. What happened last night eventually became the deadliest mass shooting in American history even more than the Orlando 2016 shooting. One has to wonder who is behind all of this? Well, I have a theory, the CIA might’ve been behind this as there’s a chance that the CIA could’ve pressured Stephen Paddock (who was an Anti-Trump far-leftists) to go perform a mass shooting at a country concert in Las Vegas. The CIA may have been involved in other terrorist attacks in the past such as 9/11, Aurora movie theater shooting, Sandy Hook school shooting, the Sikh temple shooting, and the Orlando nightclub shooting. It’s possible the CIA would orchestrate this is an attack/false flag to push their anti-gun agenda and possibly an anti-white agenda since the suspect was white. It’s interesting that the engineered hashtag #GunControlNow became trending on Twitter just after the orchestrated attacks occurred, there’s an agenda being pushed behind walls here. If not the CIA orchestrating the attacks, there have also been possible links to ISIS or George Soros having involvement in this attack. Also, another thing to note is that the country artist Caleb Keeter, previously a gun rights supporter changed his mind after the attacks and now he seems to be against what he previously was supportive of, which means that Caleb Keeter may have been part of another theory titled CIA controlled opposition, in which certain globalist shills portray themselves as conservatives, but then turn out not to be (ex: Glenn Beck). Whatever the case of the attacks, the aftermath should be used as a way to unite the United States under the American flag and maybe regarding the upcoming NFL Monday Night Football game, the football players should all stand for our anthem this time in solidarity with the victims of the Las Vegas attack, any sort of kneeling would now imply they are traitors to the American public.

The Truth about genocide against Afrikaners in South Africa

Afrikaner Flag Wallpaper

Ever since 1994, there has been a horrible and racially motivated genocide against Afrikaners, an ethnic group in South Africa that are descendants from Dutch colonists and speak the language of Afrikaans which was branch off from Dutch. For Afrikaners, the Apartheid system never racially ended in 1994, instead it reversed with the black native population having the power and the Afrikaners being oppressed. The continued existence of Afrikaners in South Africa has led to a growing race problem in South Africa, Afrikaner farmers being killed and forced ghettos of Afrikaners in some parts of South Africa. The current president of South Africa; Jacob Zuma has been accused with corruption in the South African government and has been fueling the potential Civil War between South Africa and Afrikaners. This unhumanitarian genocide against Afrikaners needs to stop, as I believe we establish an ethno-state separate from South Africa called the Grand Afrikaner Republic, settled across the Central West portions of South Africa, the flag would be the old South African Transvaal flag (pictured above). By doing this, we can maybe further resolve the growing corruption and racial tensions in South Africa today.

How 9/11 shaped the 2000s and Gen Z

As you may know, tomorrow is the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, it affected America politically and culturally. Today we’ll look at the effect of 9/11 on media and politics, and how it shaped the culture of the 2000s and the new generation of kids growing up in it, Generation Z.

The Effect on Politics


The 9/11 attacks severly impacted the presidency of George W. Bush which was going on at the time, this resulted in the failed presidency of George W. Bush and Barack Obama soon to come in 2009. As Bush, got into messy Middle Eastern foreign policy by getting involved in wars in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan as a way to combat terrorism. The Patriot Act and NSA were introduced in a way to unconstitutionally monitor U.S. citizens through communication devices. Because Bush’s policies were so bad, it was pretty commonplace for people to mock George W. Bush on the Internet.

The Effect on Music

9/11 impacted music as well, because during the early 2000s, the music world went through its last great renaissance featuring a mix of grunge, rock, and punk to take over in the first half of the decade. We saw artists like Green Day and NYSNC rise up, however this renaissance was short lived as the later half of the decade saw the rise of the postmodernist pop music we have today following Michael Jackson’s death in 2009.

The Effect on Animation

Because of the overall new darker tones in media following 9/11, the kind of cartoons that were starting to air changed as well. Back in the 80s and 90s the United States themselves dominated in their animation market. But in the 2000s, that radically changed as many American-made action cartoons and imported Japanese anime started taking over the market. With channels/channel blocks like Toonami, the CW 4Kids, and to an extent the young Internet where people could pirate anime if they so please. There was also an increase in thick-line animation with many of the new western cartoons at the time.

The Effect on Video Games


9/11 had an impact on the video game market as well, so much so that America decided to get back into the video game market with the XBOX and their flagship FPS series Halo, this started a rise in FPS games to fit in with the new darker tone and the IRL wars in the Middle East, examples include Call of Duty and Battlefield. It also impacted the historically cartoonish video game characters like Mario, Zelda, and Sonic which were very colorful in the 80s and 90s but once the 2000s came, we getting started getting darker tones and styles with games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Sonic Unleashed.

The Effect on the Internet


Back in the 90s, the Internet was originally just a brand new experiment created by the United States and didn’t offer much, but once 9/11 happened and the darker tone of the new 2000s decade rolled in. The Internet started to change and create its own culture with the birth of sites like 4chan and Reddit and the creation of Internet memes. Forum sites were popping up, YouTube was just coming into existence, and piracy ran wild and free with torrent sites, Megaupload, and The Pirate Bay. This also grew the grassroots for online political opposition to the aforementioned Patriot Act and NSA

The Effect on Sports


9/11 impacted the world of sports as well. Most notably the NFL during the 2001-02 NFL season where fans and players everywhere across the United States would be waving American flags before the start of each regular season game. The NFL got more patriotic to the point where the logo for Super Bowl XXXVI was the continental US with the US flag and in that game, a team called the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl as symbolism for the United States making it through the horrors of 9/11.


In Conclusion, 9/11 was such a tragic event that became so impactful it shaped the culture of an entire decade as well as the new generation kids growing up with it; Generation Z with birthdates ranging from 1995 to 2004, at least parts of Generation Z remember the 9/11 attacks and were affected by the failed presidencies of Bush and Obama and all the other darker media surrounding them as they were preparing to take America back, Generation Z eventually evolved itself to be part of the movement that helped Donald J. Trump to be elected president in 2016 and finally crush the establishment and radical Islamic terrorism.

#UniteTheRight was a false flag setup in order to #FrameTheRight


As of last night wasn’t bad enough. The day of the planned the #UniteTheRight protests evolved into one of the biggest false flags in American history. It started with Trump supporters attending the event as planned, however they will quickly driven out by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and several Nazi sympathizers planted by left in order to #FrameTheRight to paint all conservatives and Trump supporters as “white supremacists” and “Nazis”. As the protests contuined on, the city of Charlottesville, Virginia descended into chaos. As a car drove through protesters injuring and killing them. The driver’s identity has still yet to be known.  The aftermath of this event was condemned by President Trump as well as many other known American figures. What’s interesting to note is that the Charlottesville false flag happened on George Soros’ 87th birthday, perhaps this was his birthday present. The Charlottesville police shutting down the event while it descended into chaos potentially means that any future conservative rallies or events could no longer be planned, as this false flag becomes part of the globalists’ major plan to shut down free speech and establish the New World Order. Never forget what happened on this day. 8/12/17.