The 21st Century Crusade is coming


My fellow readers and Christians alike, The islamification of Europe has become a major problem in the world. We need to combat the Islamists and take back Europe and North Africa. With the help of the United States, Poland, France, Hungary, and the Czech Republic we will take back the holy lands. Terrorist attacks have been common in Europe these past few months and its time to fight back. We also need to take back the holy land of North Africa; Egypt. As its been corrupted by the Arabs for centuries, but luckily there is a minority on our side known as the Coptic Christians, who are the real Egyptians and their ancestors were the Ancient Egyptians. The goal there is to ignite a revolution with the Coptic Christians against the Arabs and establish a Coptic Egypt. And with leaders like Donald Trump and Andrzej Duda these modern-day crusades could be possible but only if we act and send out Christian militias into Europe and North Africa. If these crusades are successful, it would be a huge blow to the globalist establishment as this would be a middle finger to the United Nations and the US, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, and the provisional Coptic Egypt would leave the UN. DEUS VULT!

The Truth about Net Neutrality


Today, was the official day of Action that was launched by Battle for the Net, so that 100,000 popular websites can protest the FCC’s potential revoking of Net Neutrality that was made in effect back in 2015. According to the narrative many of these companies keep pushing, is that if Net Neutrality is revoked, ISPs will have control over the internet and be able to slow down speeds of popular websites. Here’s the thing about that statement, it’s wrong and here’s why. What, this Net Neutrality vote is actually about is that if Net Neutrality passes, George Soros and the mega tech corporations he’s colluded with (i.e., Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter) would now have the power to shut down their competition and censor sites with viewpoints opposed to their neoliberal agenda as they would establish an online corporate superstate inside the Internet as a plot to try and dismantle the First Amendment. Because, isn’t it odd that many of the big internet corporations are supporting Net Neutrality? Well, it’s because they only want it to pass so they can continue to monopolize the Internet. And, it’s just amazing how many influential Internet people have fallen into the Left’s narrative trap once again. In the next couple of months, we should able to see what the FCC voted on.

CNN blackmails 15-year old who made Trump wrestling GIF

Last night, CNN blackmailed and hunted down a 15-year old Reddit user who made the GIF of Trump slamming down CNN that Trump tweeted a couple days back. Of course, the Internet responded with a huge meme war featuring GIFs and macro images attacking CNN. This is certainly the lowest point CNN has reached in recent memory and I believe anybody with some common sense would agree.

Happy 4th of July 2017 from the American Minarchist


Morning, my fellow Americans and Happy Independence Day (aka 4th of July) 2017! Today, we celebrate 241 years of independence and the values that make America great such as liberty, economic freedom, truthfulness, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. Then later tonight, you’ll be able to enjoy fireworks celebrations all across the country. And also this is the first Fourth of July without Obummer in office, instead we now have President Trump in office celebrating the Fourth of July with us these next 7 Independence Days will be something to truly celebrate with Trump around. Anyways, Happy 4th of July to all of our readers, and any other American reading this!

Notch becomes WOKE on #HeterosexualPrideDay


Yesterday, was #HeterosexualPrideDay, and of course many leftists that are part of the LGBTQ+ community used this as an excuse to discriminate against heterosexuals. I had to get in with fights with them on Twitter, yesterday. Eventually, Markus “Notch” Persson stood up to the controversy and said that

People Against a Heterosexual Pride Day Deserve to Be Shot – Markus “Notch” Persson

This proves that Notch is WOKE. As, the former creator of Minecraft is standing up and not giving in to leftist bullshut. It just seems that the left has normalized racism against white people, sexism against males, and now sexualism against heterosexuals.

CNN’s Van Jones admits Russia story is false


So, just recently Project Veritas revealed footage of CNN anchors and executives who were interviewed about the Russia fake news narrative. And CNN acnchor Van Jones admitted that “The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger”. When even CNN, says their own narrative is a nothingburger you know the Left has failed, and they will keep failing until they collapse. This ultimately kills the Left’s Trump-Russia collusion narrative as it is officially dead as of today. And now, one must ponder how much more can the Left fail?

YouTube flops again with #ProudToBe in 2017

YouTube made another LGBT propoganda video titled #ProudToBe like last year’s video, to (in their eyes) encourage awareness of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. Of course, it get bombarded with possibly the most woke comment section in YouTube history. As of this article’s writing the video has 182.2K dislikes over 115.3K likes on the site. This woke comment section and large dislike ratio, shows YouTube that they need to stop shoving their bullshut LGBT propaganda in our faces, especially in the faces of straight white men.