How Kim Dotcom could start the age of alternate internets


As we reach closer and closer to the FCC’s vote on whether or not to keep the 2015 Net Neutrality regulations. Former Megaupload owner; Kim Dotcom is said to be working on a brand new “internet” where he can hopefully bring all of his MEGA products back online, just on a different Dotcom-owned internet than the public internet we have now. If Kim Dotcom’s second internet project succeeds, expect to see an opening in a free market of alternate internets that would be competing with the public internet. The idea of alternate internets has been pushed after the multiple recent cases of Internet censorship in the United States by the US government and Silicon Valley. However, these alternate internets would probably not have as much as users or sites to visit as the public internet. In theory, I would expect these alternate internets to start propping up around the 2020s or 2030s. Concepts of an alternate internet have been discussed before, but none have come into fruition yet. Whatever happens, The next decade is going to be a very interesting one for the internet(s).


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