How the Left’s use of Ad Hominem has made the word “Nazi” worthless


This is an indirect response to a NYT editorial about how they interviewed Tony Hovater. In this editorial, I won’t be focusing on that article in specific, but I would rather focus on the Left’s loosely liberal use of the word “Nazi”. Now, according to many sources a “Nazi” could mean anything, but Google describes it as

a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party

Which means in the strictest sense, anyone who was member of the German Nazi Party back in the 1930s. But the Left’s loose use of this term has now made the definition this

Anyone who really disagrees with me

With this open and liberal use of the word “Nazi”. The word “Nazi” is getting cheapened to the point where it could describe people that identify as anti-SJW liberals (or classical liberalism). So that in the future, when everybody’s a Nazi, no one will be.


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