The Truth about the Las Vegas shooting and how the CIA may be behind it


Just last night, a man by name of Stephen Paddock supposedly shot and killed 58 and while injuring 500 others from the Mandalay Bay casino hotel near a country concert that hosted Caleb Keeter who was performing live, as gunshots were heard during the concert. What happened last night eventually became the deadliest mass shooting in American history even more than the Orlando 2016 shooting. One has to wonder who is behind all of this? Well, I have a theory, the CIA might’ve been behind this as there’s a chance that the CIA could’ve pressured Stephen Paddock (who was an Anti-Trump far-leftists) to go perform a mass shooting at a country concert in Las Vegas. The CIA may have been involved in other terrorist attacks in the past such as 9/11, Aurora movie theater shooting, Sandy Hook school shooting, the Sikh temple shooting, and the Orlando nightclub shooting. It’s possible the CIA would orchestrate this is an attack/false flag to push their anti-gun agenda and possibly an anti-white agenda since the suspect was white. It’s interesting that the engineered hashtag #GunControlNow became trending on Twitter just after the orchestrated attacks occurred, there’s an agenda being pushed behind walls here. If not the CIA orchestrating the attacks, there have also been possible links to ISIS or George Soros having involvement in this attack. Also, another thing to note is that the country artist Caleb Keeter, previously a gun rights supporter changed his mind after the attacks and now he seems to be against what he previously was supportive of, which means that Caleb Keeter may have been part of another theory titled CIA controlled opposition, in which certain globalist shills portray themselves as conservatives, but then turn out not to be (ex: Glenn Beck). Whatever the case of the attacks, the aftermath should be used as a way to unite the United States under the American flag and maybe regarding the upcoming NFL Monday Night Football game, the football players should all stand for our anthem this time in solidarity with the victims of the Las Vegas attack, any sort of kneeling would now imply they are traitors to the American public.


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