ICANN tries to crack down on Gab


Yesterday, Gab’s CEO Andrew Torba was forced by Gab’s domain registrar which is owned by ICANN (as you may remember from 2016, the Internet thanks to Obama was given to them) to take down a post by Andrew Anglin about a fat joke involving Heather Heyer who was killed in the Charlottesville false flag of August 2017. Andrew Torba commented that it was violating Gab’s Terms of Service, which in reality it was not it was simply a meme, but Andrew Torba only said that because of their anti-free speech registrars which seem to be in the same bed as the Silicon Valley social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). Andrew Anglin either had to delete the post or risk losing the entirety of Gab including its domain of course Andrew Anglin took down the post. Gab.ai has become aware of this new war and intentional crackdown that ICANN is trying to do to silence opposition, this proves that the battle for internet isn’t just happening on Silicon Valley platforms but on alt-media platforms as well.



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