The Truth about genocide against Afrikaners in South Africa

Afrikaner Flag Wallpaper

Ever since 1994, there has been a horrible and racially motivated genocide against Afrikaners, an ethnic group in South Africa that are descendants from Dutch colonists and speak the language of Afrikaans which was branch off from Dutch. For Afrikaners, the Apartheid system never racially ended in 1994, instead it reversed with the black native population having the power and the Afrikaners being oppressed. The continued existence of Afrikaners in South Africa has led to a growing race problem in South Africa, Afrikaner farmers being killed and forced ghettos of Afrikaners in some parts of South Africa. The current president of South Africa; Jacob Zuma has been accused with corruption in the South African government and has been fueling the potential Civil War between South Africa and Afrikaners. This unhumanitarian genocide against Afrikaners needs to stop, as I believe we establish an ethno-state separate from South Africa called the Grand Afrikaner Republic, settled across the Central West portions of South Africa, the flag would be the old South African Transvaal flag (pictured above). By doing this, we can maybe further resolve the growing corruption and racial tensions in South Africa today.


The Truth about #Sportsgate and a call for depoliticizing sports

Recently, on Friday night at a Trump rally in Alabama, President Trump called out the NFL players who were protesting the National Anthem, it all started with the Kaepernick controversy in 2016 and eventually the National Anthem protests started to sprawl up during the beginning of the 2017-18 NFL season. Trump told that whichever player protests the National Anthem should have a right to be fired from their job as they can’t have free speech at a workplace, I do support some of these players right to free speech but not in the NFL stadium before the game. Then comes the following Saturday, where the controversy spread to Twitter with the hashtag #TakeAKnee launched by leftists in support of NFL players taking a knee to protest the National Anthem. This controversy eventually got to the NBA, with stars like Stephen Curry refusing to visit the White House after winning the 2017 NBA Finals and LeBron James calling Trump a “bum”. Of course, this only made the controversy even worse and made the NBA’s conservative fanbase upset, and then last night it spread to the MLB when an Athletics rookie named Bruce Maxwell became the first MLB player to not stand for the National Anthem. It seems that the cancer that is Anti-Americanism has sadly spread to the sports world, the only leagues that haven’t been involved in the controversy are the NHL and MLS. But, then again America doesn’t really care too much for hockey or soccer as they are more international sports. We as a country, and as sports fans need to pressure the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS to unite under the same American flag and to promote patriotic pre-game practices, with the purpose of honoring America and representing the greatest country in the world. This similiar thing happened back in the 2001-02 NFL season shortly after the 9/11 attacks, when former commissioner Paul Taligbue called for universal patriotic pre-game practices before NFL games during the 2001-02 regular season, it got so patriotic that the Super Bowl’s logo was changed to a more patriotic feel and a team called the New England Patriots started a 5-title dynasty from that day forth. So, I’m all asking for is stop with this anti-American bullshut, we must unite as a country and we can do that through sports whether it be in American sports or International sports.

The Truth about the Graham-Cassidy Bill

Lindsey Graham,Sen. Roy Blunt,John Cornyn,Bill Cassidy,John Thune,Mitch McConnell

Just a couple of days ago, the GOP announced their final solution to an Obamacare Repeal and Replace bill called the Graham-Cassidy Bill. What this bill actually is simply another RINO-built Obamacare bill, that is being backed by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. President Trump worked with many of the GOP establishment Republicans on this bill, abandoning his base, and the Left still thinks that this bill will get rid of Obamacare even though in reality it’s the exact same thing as Obamacare just with a new name. Meanwhile, Rand Paul the only one that has voted NO on the bill and is actually doing his job (the other guy voting NO is John McCain, who still only wants Obamacare to stay) and is proposing a bill for a Full Repeal of Obamacare, something that many conservatives voted for in the midterm elections and what Trump campaigned on. What’s interesting to note is that there has been feud between President Trump and Rand Paul on Twitter, take at look at some of these tweets.

As from these tweets, we can see that President Trump is in full support of this bill. He’s also shown to be in support of RINO Republican candidate Luther Strange in the 2017 Alabama Republican runoff against anti-establishment candidate Roy Moore, who is also opposed to the Graham-Cassidy bill. Trump’s support of the Graham-Cassidy bill and support for RINO Luther Strange in Alabama seems to further divide his base and could fuel protests outside the White House. Only, time will tell if the swamp will ever really be drained.

The growing divide in the Trump movement


Recently, there’s been a noticeable divide in the Trump movement that’s been going on since 2015. Trump is currently being pressured by the deep state to renter the Paris climate agreement and to keep the DACA. Which, if happens will allow amnesty for illegals and turn at least half the country blue in the next election. This is has caused a divide within the Trump movement between the nationalists and the 2004 Democrats that support Trump. This was made rather evident after some Trump supporters burned their MAGA hats and there was some light virtue signaling as well as BLM appearing as the Mother of all Rallies yesterday. Notable nationalists include James Allsup, RAMZPAUL, Stefan Molyneux, and McFeels. Now, one of these notable 2004 Democrats includes Jack Posobiec who was at the MOAR and was up there with Black Lives Matter. Proving that these Democrats in the Trump movement may not be different from the unhinged, virtue signalling left. Which leaves us the question, what do we do know? It still hasn’t been confirmed if Trump will keep DACA or not, but until the final decision comes, the MAGA movement will be in confused division. And if DACA Amnesty passes, their will undoubtedly be a Civil War in America. Only time will tell

Conservative Internationalism and Westernization explained

Imperial America Wallpaper.png

Recently, I’ve been looking into a new ideology that combines some aspects of nationalism and globalism. Now, I still stand on most nationalist stances that the United Nations and European Union are scumbag elitist world cancers that need to go to away as they have failed on the promise of human rights and globalization and the globalists new multicultural agenda is failing as well. So, I’ve proposed an alternative we could combine most aspects of nationalism with some aspects of globalism, like for example national sovereignty, my philosophy is that the world simply can’t unite under one world government, that’s ridiculous, it’s not how humans work. As, history has shown us is that humans on the planet Earth have always been out to get each other, even with the attempts of unifying the planet like the UN and the EU, it has failed simply because humans don’t want a one-world government, each country has their own political ideology, religion, culture, and history that divides them. With the problems that the globalist agenda has caused, I do believe foreign interventionism may be necessary to protect western culture and Christendom in Europe and the holy lands, what are the holy lands? Biblical places spread across the Middle East, these include

  • Egypt
  • Nineveh
  • Babylon
  • Bethlehem
  • Nazareth

This means we should also reform our interventionist foreign policy, instead of having unnecessary regime change which only leads to radical wahhabist Islam spreading, I suggest we instead go for supporting Christian rebels in the fight against ISIS and also restore the holy lands by demanding autonomous independence from Arab Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, and Israel. We could also help these new countries’ economy by importing American businesses and spreading capitalism. Meanwhile, in Europe a migrant crisis is greatly destroying the culture and the native people of Europe, luckily we have friends in Europe that go by the names of Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. With the help of the US and those 3 other countries, I just mentioned we should also be able to destabilize the European Union, deport the migrant population back to where they came from and help rebuild and repopulate Europe as well as giving them economic aid. As you can see what this ideology is all about is spreading and restoring the ideas of western civilization and protecting Christendom throughout the Western world.

How 9/11 shaped the 2000s and Gen Z

As you may know, tomorrow is the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, it affected America politically and culturally. Today we’ll look at the effect of 9/11 on media and politics, and how it shaped the culture of the 2000s and the new generation of kids growing up in it, Generation Z.

The Effect on Politics


The 9/11 attacks severly impacted the presidency of George W. Bush which was going on at the time, this resulted in the failed presidency of George W. Bush and Barack Obama soon to come in 2009. As Bush, got into messy Middle Eastern foreign policy by getting involved in wars in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan as a way to combat terrorism. The Patriot Act and NSA were introduced in a way to unconstitutionally monitor U.S. citizens through communication devices. Because Bush’s policies were so bad, it was pretty commonplace for people to mock George W. Bush on the Internet.

The Effect on Music

9/11 impacted music as well, because during the early 2000s, the music world went through its last great renaissance featuring a mix of grunge, rock, and punk to take over in the first half of the decade. We saw artists like Green Day and NYSNC rise up, however this renaissance was short lived as the later half of the decade saw the rise of the postmodernist pop music we have today following Michael Jackson’s death in 2009.

The Effect on Animation

Because of the overall new darker tones in media following 9/11, the kind of cartoons that were starting to air changed as well. Back in the 80s and 90s the United States themselves dominated in their animation market. But in the 2000s, that radically changed as many American-made action cartoons and imported Japanese anime started taking over the market. With channels/channel blocks like Toonami, the CW 4Kids, and to an extent the young Internet where people could pirate anime if they so please. There was also an increase in thick-line animation with many of the new western cartoons at the time.

The Effect on Video Games


9/11 had an impact on the video game market as well, so much so that America decided to get back into the video game market with the XBOX and their flagship FPS series Halo, this started a rise in FPS games to fit in with the new darker tone and the IRL wars in the Middle East, examples include Call of Duty and Battlefield. It also impacted the historically cartoonish video game characters like Mario, Zelda, and Sonic which were very colorful in the 80s and 90s but once the 2000s came, we getting started getting darker tones and styles with games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Sonic Unleashed.

The Effect on the Internet


Back in the 90s, the Internet was originally just a brand new experiment created by the United States and didn’t offer much, but once 9/11 happened and the darker tone of the new 2000s decade rolled in. The Internet started to change and create its own culture with the birth of sites like 4chan and Reddit and the creation of Internet memes. Forum sites were popping up, YouTube was just coming into existence, and piracy ran wild and free with torrent sites, Megaupload, and The Pirate Bay. This also grew the grassroots for online political opposition to the aforementioned Patriot Act and NSA

The Effect on Sports


9/11 impacted the world of sports as well. Most notably the NFL during the 2001-02 NFL season where fans and players everywhere across the United States would be waving American flags before the start of each regular season game. The NFL got more patriotic to the point where the logo for Super Bowl XXXVI was the continental US with the US flag and in that game, a team called the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl as symbolism for the United States making it through the horrors of 9/11.


In Conclusion, 9/11 was such a tragic event that became so impactful it shaped the culture of an entire decade as well as the new generation kids growing up with it; Generation Z with birthdates ranging from 1995 to 2004, at least parts of Generation Z remember the 9/11 attacks and were affected by the failed presidencies of Bush and Obama and all the other darker media surrounding them as they were preparing to take America back, Generation Z eventually evolved itself to be part of the movement that helped Donald J. Trump to be elected president in 2016 and finally crush the establishment and radical Islamic terrorism.

ICANN tries to crack down on Gab


Yesterday, Gab’s CEO Andrew Torba was forced by Gab’s domain registrar which is owned by ICANN (as you may remember from 2016, the Internet thanks to Obama was given to them) to take down a post by Andrew Anglin about a fat joke involving Heather Heyer who was killed in the Charlottesville false flag of August 2017. Andrew Torba commented that it was violating Gab’s Terms of Service, which in reality it was not it was simply a meme, but Andrew Torba only said that because of their anti-free speech registrars which seem to be in the same bed as the Silicon Valley social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). Andrew Anglin either had to delete the post or risk losing the entirety of Gab including its domain of course Andrew Anglin took down the post. has become aware of this new war and intentional crackdown that ICANN is trying to do to silence opposition, this proves that the battle for internet isn’t just happening on Silicon Valley platforms but on alt-media platforms as well.