The Truth about Net Neutrality


Today, was the official day of Action that was launched by Battle for the Net, so that 100,000 popular websites can protest the FCC’s potential revoking of Net Neutrality that was made in effect back in 2015. According to the narrative many of these companies keep pushing, is that if Net Neutrality is revoked, ISPs will have control over the internet and be able to slow down speeds of popular websites. Here’s the thing about that statement, it’s wrong and here’s why. What, this Net Neutrality vote is actually about is that if Net Neutrality passes, George Soros and the mega tech corporations he’s colluded with (i.e., Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter) would now have the power to shut down their competition and censor sites with viewpoints opposed to their neoliberal agenda as they would establish an online corporate superstate inside the Internet as a plot to try and dismantle the First Amendment. Because, isn’t it odd that many of the big internet corporations are supporting Net Neutrality? Well, it’s because they only want it to pass so they can continue to monopolize the Internet. And, it’s just amazing how many influential Internet people have fallen into the Left’s narrative trap once again. In the next couple of months, we should able to see what the FCC voted on.


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