Oops, Alex Jones accidentally panders to MSM with Father’s Day message

Yesterday, InfoWars host Alex Jones posted a short Father’s Day message to Newtown families who suppiosedly had children in the 2012 Sandy Hook hoax. The video contradicts what Alex Jones previously stated about the Sandy hook hoax. According to Jones’ evidence, the FBI reported no deaths in the Month of December 2012, The original Sandy Hook Elementary School building was closed down long before the setup massacre, and the Sandy Hook website did not exist in 2012. Leading to the fact that the Sandy Hook massacre was a false flag intended to defame gun owners and gamers. The parents of the staged slain children were paid in news interviews. And now, Alex Jones has this video where he gives into the false narrative that children were slain at Sandy Hook in 2012. This caused a lot of anger and malignment with Alex Jones’ main conservative fanbase (including myself) as the video currently has 2K dislikes over 1K likes as of this article’s writing. It should be worth noting that this video made the YouTube trending section. What does this mean for Alex Jones? Did he simply just make another mistake and clears it up in a future video? Or is now he like Glenn Beck, formerly a conservative on Fox News who later gave in to the MSM?. We’ll observe and see what happens.


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