LeBron James jumps on Kaepernick bandwagon, after “LA house hate crime”


So, just today LeBron James made a statement after his LA home was reportedly vandalized with somebody spraying the “n” word on it. He quoted that “being black in America” even though America is so full of opportunities for black Americans that one of them is basketball and the NBA. This controversy seems eerily similar to when Colin Kaepernick sat out the national anthem in protest back in 2016. Now, there is some evidence that could possibly mean that the LA house vandalization was a false flag presumptively by an SJW, and the mainstream media would likely spin it as a Trump supporter and the LAPD has refused to release any footage or images of the LA home meaning that it could be a false flag. Then anyways, congratulations LeBron you have you lured me into joining the Golden State Warriors bandwagon, Go Warriors!

Patriotic Warriors Logo


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