Far Cry 5 is attacking Christians?


Hey, you may have noticed that i’ve changed the blog back to the old look here on the American Minarchist!, Well sort of. I’ve decided that what we were going for wasn’t sufficient and our logo at the time was low quality, this new (old) logo is much more HQ and is much more attached to the American Minarchist brand.

So, I was looking around the Internet, when I found out that Ubisoft was getting ready to make Far Cry 5 and they released a trailer for it not too long ago. And what I saw is that the trailer (which you can watch below this paragraph) implies that the game is set in a fictional county of Hope County in Montana and is home to a Christian cult with a different looking cross placed in the church and replacing the stars on the American flag.


I was looking at this trailer confused whether I should be offended or curious, I couldn’t choose one, and yet now as I’m writing this article I’m still not sure what to think of it, I’m trying not to jump to any conclusions here because it really could be interpreted as anything related to what’s going on in the trailer. Last night before I wrote this article, Infowars did a report on it, with them being on the side “that this game is attacking Christians” and I can see how it could potentially be doing so, but as I looked at the comments many people were criticizing Infowars for attacking the game in the first place, so at the point, I wasn’t sure who to align with.

Anyways, I would like to hear your opinions on the game and what political message it’s actually trying to send in the comments section via WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.


One thought on “Far Cry 5 is attacking Christians?

  1. Nice article what ive seen about this title is a mockery of the christian religion the recreation of the last supper the main antagonist a image of jesus if this gets released the general public wont see the seperation between saved christians and religious cults . Children and adults will be manipulated to think that christians are evil that we need to be killed or we will become like the enemys in the game. Its blasphemous if it was muslims or satanists it would be banned. If farcry 5 was about the player in a christian group killing atheists and satanists and non believers everyone would want it banned but since christians arent easily offended and the general public seems to not care about offending us christians. This game is satanic and propaganda to make christianity look like a cult. My opinion from a child of god.


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