Lefties celebrate as Jefferson Davis monument was removed in New Orleans


Last night, a construction group decided to remove the statue of former Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis in New Orleans, Louisiana. The left celebrated last night as they spun as it end to “white nationalism”. Even though, the United States won over the Confederate States of America and the CSA supported racism. It’s important to keep the history of the losers as well as the winners in history. As Winston Churchill once said

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it

Implying that if one of Winston Churchill’s quotes is true again, we may see an uprising from the establishment left in some form of Civil War. Winston Churchill already accurately predicted the rise of Antifa, and he could be right on this one. Of course there were also protests near the statue’s site from southern nationalists that wanted to keep their heritage as they waved Confederate flags during the protest. Even if, the left tries to remove one’s history they could still soon repeat it.


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