The Truth about the Culture Wars


Sorry, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve last made a post here on the American Minarchist, but I’m back and here to talk about the culture wars. Paul Joseph Watson an Infowars editor was right about the culture wars between the counterculture conservatism and the neoliberal mainstream culture. Paul Joseph Watson has attacked every aspect of the mainstream culture, including the mainstream media, mainstream reality television, and mainstream music. Generation Z (which I’m a part of by the way) is leading this countercultural conservative movement as this movement was one of the reasons why Donald Trump won the election in 2016, as Generation Z is getting fed up with whatever the neoliberal establishment puts out and are forming a conservative counterculture, please note that Generation Z was not alive the last time conservatives were in cultural power (the last time was the 1960s), So Generation Z learns about the times when conservatives were still in cultural power, until the 1970s, when the liberal counterculture movement from the 60s came into cultural power and now has become the neoliberal mainstream cultural establishment it is today. However, since Trump’s election on November 8th, 2016, the conservative counterculture movement has been winning the culture wars as many leftists continue to get slaughtered on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. At this point, it seems like the conservatives might actually be back in cultural power by the mid-2020s to early 2030s. If you want to see Paul Joseph Watson’s video on this conservative countercultural movement you can watch them here


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