The American Minarchist’s 2017-18 NFL Predictions

I have decided to make my picks for the upcoming 2017-18 NFL season and you’ll see my picks for the final standings and playoff bracket below.


# AFC North WLT Div
2 Ravens 14-2 6-0
6* Steelers 12-4 4-2
8 Bengals 9-7 2-4
16* Browns 0-16 0-6
# AFC South WLT Div
4 Texans 11-5 6-0
10 Colts 8-8 4-2
13 Titans 4-12 2-4
14 Jaguars 2-14 0-6
# AFC East WLT Div
3 Patriots 14-2 6-0
9 Dolphins 9-7 4-2
12 Jets 6-10 2-4
15* Bills 2-14 0-6
# AFC West WLT Div
1 Chiefs 15-1 6-0
5* Raiders 12-4 4-2
7 Broncos 10-6 2-4
11 Chargers 7-9 0-6


# NFC North WLT Div
3 Packers 14-2 4-2
5 Bears 12-4 6-0
11* Vikings 5-11 2-4
14 Lions 2-14 0-6
# NFC South WLT Div
1 Saints 14-2 6-0
8 Falcons 9-7 4-2
10 Panthers 5-11 2-4
15 Buccaneers 1-15 0-6
# NFC East WLT Div
2 Giants 14-2 6-0
9 Cowboys 5-11 4-2
12 Redskins 3-13 2-4
13 Eagles 2-14 0-6
# NFC West WLT Div
4 Seahawks 14-2 5-1
6 Cardinals 11-5 3-3
7 Rams 10-6 4-2
16 49ers 0-16 0-6

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The Truth about the Culture Wars


Sorry, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve last made a post here on the American Minarchist, but I’m back and here to talk about the culture wars. Paul Joseph Watson an Infowars editor was right about the culture wars between the counterculture conservatism and the neoliberal mainstream culture. Paul Joseph Watson has attacked every aspect of the mainstream culture, including the mainstream media, mainstream reality television, and mainstream music. Generation Z (which I’m a part of by the way) is leading this countercultural conservative movement as this movement was one of the reasons why Donald Trump won the election in 2016, as Generation Z is getting fed up with whatever the neoliberal establishment puts out and are forming a conservative counterculture, please note that Generation Z was not alive the last time conservatives were in cultural power (the last time was the 1960s), So Generation Z learns about the times when conservatives were still in cultural power, until the 1970s, when the liberal counterculture movement from the 60s came into cultural power and now has become the neoliberal mainstream cultural establishment it is today. However, since Trump’s election on November 8th, 2016, the conservative counterculture movement has been winning the culture wars as many leftists continue to get slaughtered on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. At this point, it seems like the conservatives might actually be back in cultural power by the mid-2020s to early 2030s. If you want to see Paul Joseph Watson’s video on this conservative countercultural movement you can watch them here

Support for Windows Vista ends today


After 10 long years, Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows Vista, who’s 10th birthday was celebrated just 3 months ago. The operating system had a bad start at launch with many computers having slow processors not fast enough to run Vista’s shiny interface. But it eventually got better with the release of Vista SP2 in 2009. However, today marks the end of security updates for Windows Vista as we speak, after today Vista will be more prone to virus and hacker attacks, It’s best to upgrade to a newer version, If you want a version that Windows that shares many of the same aspects of Windows Vista then you should probably upgrade to Windows 7, which has Vista’s shiny look, start menu and taskbar, etc.

San Bernardino school shooting pushes gun control agenda


Just today two were dead and two were wounded at Hillside Elementary School in San Bernardino, California. The immediate reaction, was typical from any school shooting until the left decided to use the gun control card and use this school shooting to promote their baseless gun control agenda. As, leftists started blaming the NRA and rightful gun owners for the attack, when in reality it’s California’s strict gun laws that are to blame and the school shooter himself. The reason why shootings like this keep happening in places like California, llinois, and other blue states is because of their strict gun laws.

Syria strikes could cause great divide within conservative community


Just last night, President Donald J. Trump launched Tomahawk missiles in Syria. This Syria strike was praised by neocons like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio, the Mainstream media, and Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. This caused an uncertain reaction amongst the conservative community that voted for Trump including myself as I’m writing this. As, this Syria strike last night wasn’t really a win for us. However, if this Syria strike crisis evolves into war, there’s a chance the conservative community could plunge into civil war, dividing into the neoconservatives and the paleoconservatives, during what could be a unfathomable war against Syria. At this point, some conservatives are leaving Trump for Rand and Ted, and some are still with Trump, this made me wonder, if we should’ve elected Rand Paul or Ted Cruz back in the primaries a year ago, or if Trump is being controlled by the establishment. The question remains, what do we do now?

Today is The American Minarchist’s 1st Anniversary


Today is a milestone day, for all us of here at The American Minarchist!, As today is the blog’s 1-year anniversary, as the blog originally started on April 4th, 2016. Notice, that we’ve changed our look to a fauxback look which will be there for the rest of the month to celebrate this milestone. In this 1 year, we have accumulated over 100 posts, 2,000 visitors, and 200 visitors. Now, If you take a look at the first article, that was posted on here, you can see I was criticizing both now-President Donald Trump and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the reason why is because I was supporting Cruz at this time and at the same time, some conservatives we’rent sure if Trump was the right choice for the GOP nominee. Over, the months us conservatives and the American Minarchist warmed up to Trump which led him to an election victory in November 2016. Past the victory, we’ve still been covering events from December 2016 into 2017 and onward. So here’s to 1 year, and let’s hope we reach those 5 and 10 year milestones in the future.

North Carolina wins 7th title in franchise history


The North Carolina Tar Heels wrapped up their season by winning the 2017 National Championship over Gonzaga, 71-65 in Phoenix tonight. As, North Carolina won its 7th title in school history (1924, 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005, 2009, 2017), Their motivation was redemption after losing to Villanova in last year’s National Championship to a last-second buzzer beater by Kris Jenkins. And of course with every tournament there’s always One Shining Moment to celebrate North Carolina’s championship season and every other tournament team’s great seasons as well.