Rachel Maddow leaks Trump’s 2005 tax returns in a huge failure


So just a couple of nights ago, MNSBC host Rachel Maddow promised her viewers that she would reveal President Trump’s tax returns. The countdown timer clocked off and Rachel Maddow leaked President Trump’s tax returns from 2005, and revealed that Trump paid 25% in taxes back in 2005, that’s higher than Barack Obama who only paid 19% and Bernie Sanders who paid 13%. This reveal ended up being the biggest news failure since Heraldo Rivera open Al Capone’s empty vault. This was such a big fail that even other MSM sources like the New York Times called the tax returns a “nothingburger” and CNBC called it a “victory for Trump” and CNN also admitted they would hand this to Donald Trump. As revealed, that Donald Trump has being all to at least most of his taxes in the past 12 years.


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