The Truth about Generation Z


I’ve been wanting to do an editorial on Generation Z for a while, but now I finally get to do it. Now you may be asking yourself “What is Generation Z?”, Well for the uninformed Generation Z consists of the generation of people born between 1995 and 2004. Generation Z is also known as the “Homeland Generation” as they were born during 9/11 in 2001. Now you may or may have not been this already, but I too am a member of Generation Z since I was born in the year 2000. On to the rest of the editorial, Generation Z was the first generation to grow up with the modern technology we have today. Throughout the years, Generation Z grew up and is currently the current generation of teenagers and emerging young adults in the 2010s decade. Generation Z continues to use the technology they have since childhood to their advantage. However, that has led to a bad general image for Generation Z because of that many people have confused Generation Z with the previous generation; Millenials (1985-1994) who many people associate with what I like to call “The Millenial Archetype” this archetype generalizes both Millenials and Generation Z as lazy, social media zombies, who were raised poorly by their parents. Now that isn’t true for all Millenials (It’s just an archetype), but it’s definitely not true for Generation Z. Generation Z seems to be more keen and wants to be more successful in life than Millenials, as they see getting a college degree as a requirement for success, and many members of Generation Z have interest in entrepreneurship and want to help their potentially struggling families by trying to become financially successful. Now, here’s the part where it gets exciting Generation Z according to a sociology report is more conservative than Baby Boomers and Millenials, So that means Generation Z could not only be the next capitalist generation when reaching adulthood, they could also be the next generation of patriots as well for the first time since the WWII Generation (1935-1944). In fact, 32% of Generation Z members supported President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. With these statistics, I predict Generation Z will be a new generation of innovators as they will use the technology they grew up with from childhood to their advantage and create online businesses and be able to profit from online businesses and services and could potentially start the greatest economic revolution since the The Great Recession in the coming 2020s decade. Now, I’m not sure if any of this would come true or not but if it does we are going to be in for a decade of winning in the 2020s.


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