The Truth about PewDiePie’s “anti-semitism”


Just a few weeks ago, a fake news scandal about PewDiePie being “anti-semitic” ran through the mainstream media. This fake anti-semitic allegation caused Disney to cut their ties with PewDiePie and to cause a new YouTube controversy. The allegations started when PewDiePie uploaded a video titled “WHO DO PEOPLE HATE?”, which showcased PewDiePie reacting to other videos showcasing who they hate. And in one of the videos he reacted to, 2 Indian men were holding sign that said “Death to All Jews”.

Now according to Mark Dice, the 2 Indian men who held the sign were from a company called “5 or Wear” where certain people are paid to hold up signs that say whatever the user requests. PewDiePie must’ve requested those 2 Indian men to hold up a sign that says “Death to All Jews” as a publicity stunt for more views on YouTube.


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