BREAKING NEWS: North Korea test fires missile and lands in the Sea of Japan


So just recently, North Korea test launched a missile that landed in the Sea of Japan, this evening. After the missile launch, President Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met after the missile was launched near the Sea of Japan. Shinzo Abe said it was “absolutely intolerable” and President Trump said “we are 100% with Japan”. It’s possible that the United States’ friendly relationship with Japan led to North Korea firing the test missile as North Korea has been rivals with both Japan and the United States. Remember, North Korea declared war on the United States just 7 months ago while Barack Obama was still in office. However, liberals on Twitter claim that Donald Trump was on vacation while the missile was fired or he was tweeting about Ivanka while the missile was fired. Even though, Trump was on a visit to japan to meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for the past week and has now just realized that a missile that was fired by North Korea landed into the Sea of Japan. I think it’s very possible that North Korea is trying to threaten a war against the United States, Japan, and Russia.


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