Netflix creates original series to incite racism against white people

Just yesterday, a new trailer for Netflix’s new original series “Dear White People” based on the 2014 movie of the same name. The trailer starts out with a black girl announcing what Halloween costumes are appropriate on campus, (possibly a reference to MTV’s News halloween costumes video in 2015). However, she then goes off to list inappropriate Halloween costumes on campus, that list includes blackface. The trailer goes on to incite racism against white people, stereotyping them as blackface performs, something white people haven’t done since the Civil War era. This trailer incites racism against white people, which according to the far-left is completely fine. If, someone were to make a Netflix original series titled “Dear Black People”, the Left would riot and denounce it as racism against black people.  Racism against white people is not OK, In fact actual racism against any race is not OK.


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