New England Patriots win Super Bowl LI


The New England Patriots have won Super Bowl LI, 34-28 in Overtime against the Atlanta Falcons. This win would be both the Patriots and their quarterback Tom Brady’s 5th Super Bowl win. This Super Bowl was possibly the greatest Super Bowl in all of Super Bowl history a 34-28 comeback in Overtime, WOW. And, it’s also great way to cap off the New England Patriots’ 2016-17 season and the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl (The first one was played on January 15th, 2017), What a game it was. To start the game off the Atlanta Falcons got a touchdown and were up 7-0 , then they got another touchdown which they were eventually up by 17-0, They got another touchdown and they were up by 21-0. The Patriots finally scored with a field goal before halftime, making it 21-3. Then, the Falcons got another touchdown after halftime, making it 28-3, The Patriots got their first touchdown, which made it 28-9, Then the Patriots got another field goal making it 28-12, The Patriots went in and got another touchdown and it became 28-20. The Patriots tied the game 28-28 with a touchdown forcing overtime for the first time in Super Bowl history and then the Patriots won in Overtime with a touchdown making it 34-28. The AFC is now 3-0 in Super Bowls since Super Bowl XLIX. And, it was a fantastic finish for the 2016-17 NFL season.


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