Club Penguin is shutting down on March 29th


So, just recently Disney has made an announcement that they are officially shutting down Club Penguin for PC and Mobile on March 29th, 2017. After a nice long 12 years of service, Club Penguin is finally coming to a end, but the brand will stay as Disney will be transitioning over to the new mobile-exclusive Club Penguin Island which will officially release in March of 2017. Club Penguin originally started as a standalone online experiment in 2005, two years later it was bought by Disney in 2007 and it became Disney Club Penguin. Club Penguin grew in popularity ever since it started in 2005 as many kids from Generation Z (1995-2004) and Generation Alpha (2005-2014) grew up with Club Penguin as a way to connect with people online. Club Penguin has also become recently popular with Club Penguin memes spreading across the internet up to the point where people play Club Penguin as a joke and nothing more. Club Penguin’s final day of service will be March 28th, 2017. Disney is celebrating 12 years of Club Penguin with one final hurrah as an ongoing online party that started yesterday on February 1st, 2017. Even when Club Penguin shuts down it will have an impact on the online gaming genre as being possibly one of the longest lasting MMOs ever to exist.


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