Windows Vista turns 10 years old today


Today is Windows Vista’s 10th anniversary. Windows Vista was originally released on January 30th, 2007 to the general public. At launch, Vista had many issues many computers at the time didn’t have the RAM to run Vista well enough and people had to buy new drivers for Windows Vista. Windows Vista ended up being a commercial failure for Microsoft, but it did end up introducing features that are present today in Windows 7. For example, the Windows Aero theme was introduced in Vista, Aero Switch and Flip 3D were also introduced in Vista. Gadgets were introduced in Vista as well, and many other features you see in Windows 7 and up were introduced in Vista. Windows Vista originally started as a project called Windows Longhorn in 2002, It was originally just going to be a small upgrade to Windows XP, But it ended up becoming a much bigger and frankly a much more unstable project by 2004. Around 2004 and 2005, Microsoft reset the Longhorn project and decided to build Vista on Windows Server 2003 this reset eventually became Windows Vista and was out to the public by 2007, 6 years after Windows XP’s release in October of 2001. Now, once Windows Vista SP2 was out, Vista became not as bad as it was when it first released back in 2007,  It became almost as stable as Windows XP and Windows 7. So, in retrospect Windows Vista was terrible at launch, but when SP2 came around it became actually not terrible. However, support for Windows Vista is ending soon on April 11th, 2017 Microsoft will officially end extended support for Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007.


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