Deadspin vs Cruz: How Ted Cruz roasted Deadspin


So, just recently another Ted Cruz controversy happened for the first time since the 2016 Republican primaries. I have talked about Ted Cruz’s relationship with the Internet and it was awful back in 2016, but now Ted Cruz has taken it to another level. It all started with a Politico article that joked about Ted Cruz being a college basketball player for Duke. Politico was of course referring to the Ted Cruz-lookalike Grayson Allen who plays for the Duke Blue Devils. Deadspin took this joke from Politico further and what followed was a Twitter war between Deadspin and Ted Cruz.

Man, that was a popcorn-worthy Twitter war to see, It’s pretty clear that Ted Cruz won this Twitter war and has finally got in touch with the online forces that have a distaste for him.


Author: Max Wasson

The chief editor at the American Minarchist.

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