Yordano Ventura dies in car crash at age 25

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Kansas City Royals

Just this morning, Starting pitcher Yordano Ventura for the Kansas City Royals passed away in a car accident in the Dominican Republic at age 25. The loss was devastating for Kansas City as just a week ago, their football team the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 18-16 in the 2017 AFC Divisional Round. Yordano Ventura once paid a tribute to Oscar Taveras who died in 2014 during Game 6 of the 2014 World Series against the San Francisco Giants and came back to the 2015 World Series and won with the Kansas City Royals against the New York Mets that season. The 2016 season was Ventura’s last season as a ballplayer and it was a disappointing season for the Kansas City Royals as injuries held them back from making a 3rd consecutive playoff run in 2016. Most of the MLB and the Chiefs and Royals fans paid tribute to Yordano Ventura by sending out faithful tweets and some Royals fans went near the ticket gates at Kauffman Stadium to pay tribute to Yordano Ventura.


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