First Amendment Protection Act could save patriot media


DISCLAIMER: I am going to talk about gay people in this article. I don’t hate gay people, I just don’t like the homosexual agenda the MSM keeps pushing. I apologize for any “anti-gay” actions i did 6 months ago

Back in 2015, Congress proposed an act called the First Amendment Protection Act, that would continue to protect the First Amendment. According to the First Amendment Protection Act, it states that

It would keep the government from people discriminating against gay people and/or the homosexual agenda

Now under the First Amendment, It clearly states that any form of free speech even “hate speech” is protected under the First Amendment. However, leftists took it to Twitter and whined about the First Amendment Protection Act being “hateful” against gay people. Currently, this act is almost about to voted on passing by Congress. So, if it passes that would give this blog and other patriot media sites and whoever to criticize gay people, actions of gay people, and the homosexual agenda itself.


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