Leftists get triggered over actually funny gender identity joke


So, tonight on SNL’s Weekend Update Colin Jost made a joke about Tinder and gender identity.


I thought that was a very funny joke, made by SNL as they poke fun at Tumblr leftists with “37 gender identity options” and called it “why the Democrats lost the election“. Eventually, triggered leftists and social justice whiners took it to Twitter. Here are some of their tweets.

Dear and : thank you so much for supporting the erasure of non-cis people. Thanks for actively contributing to oppression – Sam Escobar

It isn’t that we “don’t get the joke.” We get it, you blame “identity politics,” but for LGBTQ ppl these issues mean everything  – Sam Escobar

You wish you had a point. Instead it’s just tired old LGBT-shaming disguised as edgy commentary. – Louis Virtel

You just proved his point. Nothing is off limits to humour, whether you like it or not. FYI, gender is binary. Gender expression isn’t. – Ross O’ Brien

Looks like they got


But in all seriousness though, there is only 2 genders and it’s also biologically impossible for someone to change their sex. It is possible for one to crossdress as the other gender, but it’s impossible to change gender exclusive body features. So, next time you’re watching SNL and they make a joke you don’t like take it lightly and as a joke and don’t get triggered.


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