Barack Obama hands over internet control to ICANN


Well, It’s official the Obama administration and their team of socialists have succeeded in their plan to let ICANN take control over the Internet. That means international bodies that do not like the 1st amendment here in the United States can censor any free speech that they don’t like; welcome to the Internet Apocalypse ladies and gentlemen, Who knows when ICANN will start censoring things it could even happen later tonight. The transition will be complete tommorow morning at 12:01 AM on October 1st, 2016. Our 1st amendment is in danger fokes we have to form a resistance against globalist bodies like ICANN and the United States they are secretly trying to succeed the goal of the Illuminati which is the establish a New World Order for there to be a world government run by totalitarians, It’s possibly the greatest and likely real conspiracy theory out there.


Author: Max Wasson

The chief editor at the American Minarchist.

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