Remembering the Michael Brown incident 2 years later


Today, marks the 2-year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting. the shooting that kickstarted the racist organization known as #BlackLivesMatter, The Michael Brown incident was one of the most terrifying things to happen to businesses in Ferguson, Missouri, as in this article’s picture the QT was looted and burned down as well as a Little Caesars down the street which happened after the court decided not to indict police offer Darren Wilson who shot Michael Brown, the reason why he actually shot Michael Brown is best explained here in this video by conservative commentator Steven Crowder

Skip to 3:17 as you can see, Michael Brown was actually shot because of

  • He robbed a gas station for cigarettes
  • Identified as a robbery suspect
  • Assaulted police officer in car
  • Tried to grab officer’s firearm
  • Hands weren’t up, cop did shoot

The Michael Brown incident was pretty much like Joplin’s devastating tornado back in 2011, and we should remember the many businesses that were destroyed by black racists.


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