Ted Cruz booed after speech at RNC

Just a couple hours ago, Ted Cruz made his speech on Day 3 of the Republican National Convention, and after the speech many Donald Trump delegates booed Ted Cruz after refusing to endorse Donald Trump. Now, as a former Ted Cruz supporter I believe he didn’t deserve those boos, even though I’m now supporting Donald Trump, I’m only supporting him because he’s not Hillary. But even still, hardcore Trump supporters have been one of the biggest nutheads in politics. They have thrown every untrue slur at all the other republicans Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Carson, Christie, Ryan, Paul. You name it, I hated these people during the GOP primaries when I was a Ted Cruz supporter and I still hate them now even supporting Donald Trump to this day. The reason why Ted Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump tonight is because Ted Cruz wants to prepare for his 2020 presidential campaign which may or may not happen depending on if Trump wins in 2016 and wants to run for reelection. Oh, boy what a night it’s been for the GOP.


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