Leftists are angry because of #HeterosexualPrideDay on Twitter.


Oh, finally we get a pride day after all those other days where the homosexual agenda trampled us heterosexuals and conservatives. We finally get a day woohoo!, but the problem here is on Twitter leftists do not like #HeterosexualPrideDay as they want to continue the homosexual agenda, And apparently those people think there is more than 2 genders which i talked about in a previous article, If you think there is more than 2 genders then you sir have a mental disorder. You see transgender isn’t really a word it’s just a phrase made up by the PC police to trick people, you see the actual word we’re looking for is “gender confused”. Leftists are trying to destroy America as some of their tweets reportedly mock white people, conservatives, and Christians. Now that’s discriminatory it’s just as bad as racism and sexism.


Author: Max Wasson

The chief editor at the American Minarchist.

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