Are the Powerpuff Girls feminists?


Now, this topic has been up to debate on sites like Tumblr, but I think it’s time to settle the debate as the writer of this show; I’ve been revisiting the original Powerpuff Girls from 1998 on Netflix. The show is about 3 little girls who save the world before bedtime they were accidentally created by Professor Utonium. Now, the subject of debate of whether the Powerpuff Girls are feminists are not comes from one of the episodes called “Equal Fights” In which a misandryst feminist villain named Femme Fatale robs banks in the city of Townsville, as she only demands Susan B. Anthony coins she later encounters the Powerpuff Girls later in the episode; she asks the girls how many female superheroes they know; and they can only list 3; Superigirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman. Later in the episode, Femme Fatale somehow indoctrinates the Powerpuff Girls into becoming misandryst feminists but then later in the episode their teacher Ms. Keane and Ms. Bellum teaches the Powerpuff Girls that the practice that Femme Fatale is practicing isn’t what she’s practicing. So, around the end of the episode Femme Fatale steals Susan B. Anthony coins from a coin convention and then the Powerpuff Girls educated Femme Fatale about Susan B. Anthony and how she went to jail by voting, and even when she was found guilty she wanted to be as equally treated as men were at the time, Which is what they eventually did to Femme Fatale she was put in jail and the episode ends there. So, are the Powerpuff Girls feminists? I would definitely hate if such a leftist ideology like feminism to touch one of the greatest cartoons on Cartoon Network, So my question for debate is are the Powerpuff Girls feminists or not? I will let you debate that in the comments section.


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