Home Depot worker found with “America was never great” hat


First of all, I know this news is kinda old; But i have to address it; in mid-May around the time of my birthday. A Home Depot worker was found with an “America Was Never Great” hat as a leftist spoof of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat. Well, I think this lady needs to be educated; America was great in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan was our president and it was great in the 1960s when JFK was around and Christian Martin Luther King Jr, made his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and the US landed a man on the moon in 1969. You could even take it back to the 1860s, When America fought the Civil War against the Confederates and won thanks to Abraham Lincoln, you can even take it all the way back to the 1770s when this country was founded by our great Founding Fathers when they declared independence from the British and ratified the constiution. So, yes America has been great before; you probably weren’t alive when it was great. So, I recommend you be educated first before you say “America Was Never Great”.


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