Is the Alt-Right right?


So, a couple of days ago i discovered a group of people on the Internet who describe themselves as the “Alt-Right” but the question is are they really right-wing or not? Now, I’ve done some research and according to this starter pack meme. It should tell us what alt-rightists think.


So, what we can tell from here is that the Alt-Right are outspoken Donald Trump supporters, go to Costco, Anime fans, believe in the political bell curve, 4chan users, Burger King lovers, and neo-Confederates. These people seem to be typical internet memers that have huge support for Donald Trump, they largely differ from regular conservatives; I myself as a writer of this blog label myself as an Old Right patriotic paleocon, Let’s do a comparison chart of what I believe is the Old Right and the Alt-Right.

Old Right Alt-Right
Political Ideologies Paleoconservatism, Paleolibertarianism Neoconservatism, Moderate Republicanism
Economic System Free-market capitalism Regulated capitalism
Media The Blaze, RedState, Fox News New York Times, Right Side Broadcasting
LGBT Strongly oppose LGBT rights Slightly in favor of LGBT rights
Movies Zootopia Angry Birds Movie
Politicians Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Kristol
Other Personalities Dinesh D’Souza, Steven Crowder Ramzpaul
NSA and Patriot Act Strongly oppose the Patriot Act Don’t mind the Patriot Act

So is the Alt-Right right? I will leave that up to debate in the comments section.


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