This election is about defeating Crooked Hillary


The GOP has nominated Donald Trump to run against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election. Remember, the goal for the GOP of this election is to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the Presidency. As, Emailgate contuines to develop Hillary Clinton’s unfavorability ratings keep rising; Which would give Donald Trump a better chance to win this year’s election. Even though, I have personal dislike for Donald Trump; I have even more dislike for Hillary Clinton; and it is the GOP’s goal to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. Here’s what the electoral map might look like if Hillary Clinton’s unfavorability ratings rise into November.

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You see? That is how much the US is unfavorable towards Hillary Clinton except for some of the states that could still vote Democrat in 2016. This electoral map shows that Donald Trump would be able to possibly win his home state of New York and win most of the Northeastern states. According to history, the GOP nominee has not won an election since 2004. When, President George W. Bush was reelected. So, If Donald Trump wins in 2016, would he run for reelection in 2020?, He has expressed interest in doing so; He might want to run again even if he loses in 2016. So, let’s just cross our fingers and hope Crooked Hillary doesn’t win in November.


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