No, Game Theory; Mario is actually an American patriot


Rebutting and reffering to a video by liberal-biased MatPat, stating that Mario is a communist synthesiser, Your claim had some flaws, Mario tears down a green skull flag, And also you know how Mario always collects coins? That means he is very possibly capitalist, and do you know the main antagonist is? King Koopa aka Bowser, what was the goal of the American Revolution, to overthrow King George III, And also, Mario’s main colors are Red and Blue, not just Red. And also, in Super Smash Bros. 4, One of Mario’s alternate costumes is patriotic hat and overalls. Also, Mario and Luigi originate from Brooklyn, NY which is in AMERICA. So, clearly Mario is actually a patriot, as he is showing love for his home country in Super Smash Bros.


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