No, Tumblr there’s only 2 genders


So, if you have’nt heard the leftist SJWs over at Tumblr have a created a “chart of genders” claiming that there is more than two genders, They say “Check your privilege, before you misgender someone”, Now any person with some darn common sense would know there is only 2 genders in the world, Male and Female, Tumblr is just being stupid and doesn’t know common sense, how can there be multiple genders in the first place? also how can someone be the other genders listed on the gender chart? I think it’s safe to say that Tumblr just doesn’t have any common sense. To me it’s one of the worst websites on the internet next to DeviantArt and 4Chan.


2 thoughts on “No, Tumblr there’s only 2 genders

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