No, Chheeseypasta the homosexual agenda isn’t the same as the 1960s

Recently, I read an article from a blog called “Chheeseypasta” A blog that claims to support the homosexual agenda, She rebutted my claims on the homosexual agenda, She claims that 94% of animal relationships are homosexual. But I consider humans to be at a higher level than animals, Sure it’s fine if animals do it, But it’s unnatural if humans do it. The next rebuttal you said is that “Homosexuals can’t reproduce”, You claimed that its true but they can be adopted, The problem with adoption is that if a homosexual couple adopts a child, the child will grow up without a mother/father, eventually he’ll grow up thinking that homosexuality is normal and heterosexuality is inferior and he will never experience true love and joy. The third rebuttal was against my “It would be hard to imagine a change” You used the Civil Rights movement to support your rebuttal, but you forgot that the Civil Rights movement led by black Christian patriot, Marthin Luther King Jr. and blacks were actually reasonably fighting for their rights. Today, many social justice movements are led by radical liberal SJWs, that are trying to reinforce that their minority is superior to the American majority and our trying to turn America into a socialist country. Now, I’m done with my rebuttal, may God bless the great United States and let’s hope US freedom is restored.


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