Would Mark Cuban make a good president?

mark-cuban_dallas-mavericks_hd_768x432-16x9Recently, Mitt Romney encouraged Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban to run a 3rd party presidential campaign against Donald Trump, the question is would he make a good president?, I would sure pick him in an election over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders, but does he really qualify as a presidential candidate? He’s not even a politician, he’s a sports team owner. But then again, Donald Trump is running for president and he’s a businessman. There’s not much say about Mark Cuban on his Conservapedia page, so we don’t know if he’s really conservative or liberal? I think a Trump/Clinton/Cuban matchup in November could be competitive as no candidate would  ever get to 270 electoral votes they need. Here’s a election map showing what a Trump/Clinton/Cuban matchup would look like in November.

Trump vs Clinton vs Cuban

So maybe a contested Trump vs Clinton vs Cuban matchup could work; Mark Cuban might have a shot at the presidency, but then again maybe not as it might be too late to register a 3rd party candidate anyway.



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