We should encourage our kids to be capitalists


Recently, I’ve been seeing many kids’ lemonade stand’s being shut down by US police forces, and i was quite perplexed; Seriously? Lemonade stands are being shut down are being shut down because of government health regulations? Oh, I’m sorry I thought this was America. Back in the day, It was perfectly legal to open up a lemonade stand or bake sale without health regulations. Many kids lemonade stands are shut down and are forced to pay a 200$ fee to operate, this is some complete bullcrap. If the American Dream is based on capitalism, why are we shutting down sources of free-market capitalism? I believe we should encourage the future generation of kids to engage in free-market capitalism, so the system of capitalism does not die out in the United States of America. People should have the right to create a business without government restrictions. So if we do that then that means that kids will start out as capitalists at a young age and continue to be capitalists in their adulthood.


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