Zootopia is actually one of the most American things ever.


Now, believe me here because after seeing the movie Zootopia in March, I decided to do a review on the movie with my own perspective. Now, Zootopia’s main central issue is racism and how it is a huge problem in the United States. But it also reflects other issues in the United States such as the decline of the American Dream that is being enforced by liberals. Conservapedia describes Zootopia as “promotes the American Dream, racial equality, and subtle Christian values such as forgiveness and reconciliation, as well as responsible capitalism”, Now that’s just sounds like America doesn’t it?, well according to liberal YouTuber Matthew Patrick (aka Game Theory/Film Theory) who we talked about in this article, Claims that Zootopia is actually about the crack epidemic in the 1990s, and politically incorrectly compares Mayor Lionheart to Washington D.C. Mayor, Marion Barry who is a liberal and a drug addict. Well, personally i consider Mayor Lionheart to be an allegory to US president Ronald Reagan, he’s a honest leader that ensures the nation freedom and equality, meanwhile Mayor Lionheart’s vice mayor; Bellwether calls him “Lionfart” in one part of the movie. But later in the movie, Mayor Lionheart is removed from office and Bellwether takes over and becomes mayor of Zootopia, Mayor Bellwether could be an allegory to the Clintons who try to destroy Reagan’s policies that were set up in the past with their own liberal policies, now the flowers that turn the predators “savage” in the film, is the allegorical embodiment of liberalism as when the predators go savage, many prey animals start to become discriminatory against them as a coup d’etat to destroy the intention of Zootopia, which is “Where anyone can be anything”, Now, in the USA many liberals have set up racism in the United States to destroy the American Dream, Which means that Disney is trying to get out there and stop racism and liberalism here in the United States, remember that the founder of the company; Walt Disney was a conservative and made propaganda films against the Nazis in World War II.


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