The Internet War against Ted Cruz


As you have not known before, I am a huge supporter of presidential candidate  Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is a conservative, who may be closest person to another Ronald Reagan. But, the Internet has a huge liberal bias against Ted Cruz on Twitter, Facebook, iFunny and tons of other social media sites. Every day when Ted Cruz tweets something on his Twitter, Trump supporters come and bombard his tweets with lies about Ted Cruz, they sometimes calling him “Lying Ted”. There is also a popular internet joke going around that Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer. Even though, Ted Cruz was born later than the zodiac killer’s supposed existence. YouTube even has a liberal bias against Ted Cruz. In most videos that Ted Cruz is in, there is a lot more dislikes and there is liberal bias in the YouTube comments section. This may explain why Ted Cruz has blocked YouTube comments on his YouTube channel. For some reason, people still believe the fake “Cruz sex scandal” promoted by the National Enquirer. So, if you are a Ted Cruz supporter like me you might have had to experience some of this same stuff i explained in this article.


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