Exposing Game Theory


gametheoryFor those of you that don’t know Game Theory is a YouTube channel created by Matthew Patrick. He currently owns Game Theory, Film Theory, and Game Theory Live. Now i have watched almost every Game Theory and some Film theories. And i have come to a conclusion that Matthew Patrick might have a liberal bias in his videos. Take for example his video on Mario’s communist connections he states that Wario (Mario’s rival) is a “walking American”.

A sign of liberal bias and hinted anti-Americanism. He also talked about the theory where Donkey Kong Country was anti-American propaganda during the Banana Wars.

And in another video, he talks about how the NES game Adventure Island is an allegory to America’s imperialism after the Mexican-American War.

Not only does Game Theory have some liberal bias, but he also has support of the homosexual agenda. Take a look at his video on video games being anti-gay and at the end of the video he openly admits his support of the homosexual agenda.

And it’s not just Game Theory, it’s also Gaijin Goomba that has a support for the homosexual agenda. Just take a look at Gaijin Goomba’s video on Toad’s gender.

Overall, Game Theory has been exposed on this right-wing libertarian blog site, and after watching all the videos explained in this article.


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