Bernie Sanders is a fan of communism


Believe it or not, Bernie Sanders is a die-hard fan of communism just like our current president Barack Obama. Bernie Sanders appeals to many younger voters and is currently in 2nd place in the Democratic primaries. Bernie Sanders has plans to make college free, healthcare free, and create an unrealistic socialist utopia. Bernie Sanders went to Soviet Russia and many other communist countries during the Cold War. He was also involved in collapse of Yugoslavia. Bernie Sanders is a governor from Vermont, that’s is usually labeled as being “democratic socialist” when he is actually a communist. One night, on Twitter, the hashtag #ResistCapitalism was trending, and i responded with this tweet.


Another tweet i saw was some high school students at prom, waving the USSR flag and calling it “promunism”. What many people get here is that Communist countries have killed millions of people. Just look at this infographic.


You see?, Communism is a system that has never worked and never will work and it has killed millions of people. So join my call to action today to defeat liberals, socialists, and communists and bring back the Good Ol’ United States!


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